Is Eva at a disadvantage in Dancing with the Stars? Her partner balances on her health

New week of competition in dancing with the stars 2022, this Friday, September 23 on TF1. The ten couples that are still in the race will all meet together for the first time on the track, including the one formed by Eve (formerly known as Eva Queen) and Jordan Mouillerac. And workouts aren’t always easy for the 21-year-old singer.

Like the other candidates for dance with the starsEva didn’t know much about ballroom dancing. Therefore, she must learn the basics with her partner in order to deliver the best possible performance to seduce the jury members Chris Marques, Bilal Hassani, François Alu and Marie-Agnès Gillot, as well as the public. But it’s not always easy for the charming brunette. “He has a handicap in his back, a scoliosis operated on four years ago, for which he still has an iron bar and eighteen screws along his spine. Her back is stuck like a board.“, Jordan Mouillerac confided to the office. Therefore, the dancer mustfind ways to overcome back bends“.

As for the interpretation, it is not always easy for Eva, who is a young woman with a reserved character. “He is someone who is ashamed to dare and express himself. She is very reserved and shy. (…) she is totally the opposite of Bilal [Hassani, son partenaire de l’année dernière avec lequel il est arrivé jusqu’en finale, NDLR] who was not afraid to interpret“, specified Jordan Mouillerac. But the handsome brunette is not discouraged and intends to take his partner as far as possible. For his part, the artist is a hard worker and for this reason he will not be so easily impressed. And fortunately since the competition It’s getting more complicated tonight.

Billy Crawford, Florent Peyre, Stéphane Legar, Thomas Da Costa, Clémence Castel, Léa Elui, Amandine Petit, Eva, Anggun and Clara Lazzari will face a formidable test tonight, that of duels. One duo will face another and only the winner will have a chance to qualify for the rest of the competition. Therefore, five couples will be in danger this week, which will add additional pressure. Jazz Correia’s sister will have to perform an Argentine tango. A dance where the upper part of the body must remain straight and the lower part mobile.

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