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Three days after his great performance against England (1-0), Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma showed his courage again on Monday against Hungary (2-0). And while the Nazionale will play in the Final 4 of the League of Nations, the phenomenon of Paris Saint-Germain returns to light.


Gianluigi Donnarumma finds his pride with the Nazionale.

We needed these games to get our enthusiasm back, even if the World Cup is still an open wound and we can’t go back. But we have to go out, we have to do it all over Italy.With the soul of a leader, Gianluigi Donnarumma appeared in the mixed zone after Italy’s victory in Hungary (2-0) this Monday in the Nations League.

And given his performance, the Paris Saint-Germain talent clearly had the legitimacy to take on that role. Because, as against England (1-0), three days before, the 23-year-old goalkeeper was imperial and above all imperturbable.

Donnarumma finds the light

Throughout the match, the former Milanese reassured his Budapest troops and made the necessary stops, when necessary. Gigio was good. In the last twenty minutes we were tired and he stopped everything. He is more confident and calm now at PSG.Italian coach Roberto Mancini thanked at the post-match press conference. It must be recognized that, if he is still not unanimous in his starting role against Keylor Navas Paris, Donnarumma simply remains indisputable in the national team.

The international with 47 caps is also reinforcing his confidence after experiencing more complicated moments, especially during the playoffs for the World Cup in Qatar, lost to North Macedonia (0-1) last March or due to a heavy defeat against Germany (2-5) in June. His triple save in the 50th minute as well as his decisive save against Callum Styles against the Hungarians are also representative of his good pace.

The Italian press only has eyes for him

The great Donnarumma is back, and the Italian press has no doubts about it. While qualifying the goalkeeper as inhumanLa Gazzetta dello Sport uses strong words this Tuesday. A great team always has a great goalkeeper, and when he wants there is Donnarumma. For its part, the newspaper describes the former Milanese as a freakas Le Corriere dello Sport insists, the Castellammare di Stabia native has kept Italy flow. The last Parisian wall remains modest and humble in terms of its found success.

I think it’s more mother nature than anything else, although I also work in training. Now I have to continue like this, I have to do it for all of Italy and for those who believe in me. (…) Sometimes an error can happen and it is hard for the goalkeepers. But you always have to work hard and find out where you went wrong.Gigio finished. To definitely succeed in their rebounding and prepare well for the next Euro, the Squadra Azzurra will have to rely on their goalkeeper, as a reminder of being the best player in the European championship last year!

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