“It’s not just a sex scene…” Julie de Bona (Mother Agnès) reviews her character’s night of love

Continuation of the saga of TF1 events this Monday, September 26 with two new episodes to watch the fighters (our opinion) embrace their destinies. So what the extravagant Marguerite (Audrey Fleurot) faces bullets on the battlefield alongside her son, Caroline (Sofia Essaïdi, petrified on set) finally finds the solution to keep the business going and preserve the family legacy, even when he learns some terrible news. As for her mother Agnès (Julie de Bona), she is confronted with her growing desire for the stranger gathered in the woods, the day lisette died. Shocked by the death of the girl, destabilized by the incessant deaths of soldiers sacrificed on her front lines, Agnès struggles to resist the attraction she feels for this man. And she will eventually succumb. Moments as intense as moving!

“In general, the sex scenes are not pleasant to play” explains Julie de Bona

The nun first discovers the pleasure of the flesh for herself, by allowing herself to masturbate: “I was afraid of this scene. It was very immodest for me to play it in front of the camera and a whole crew,” recalls Julie de Bona, the interpreter of Mother Agnès. “Also, at first, the sequence was planned for the first day of filming. But director Alexandre Laurent said: ‘It’s not possible.’ So we moved it to the 2nd day. I had a rab day (laughs). But it worked out in the end, because it’s an emotional moment, during which Agnès discovers her body and feels things for the first time.”

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The actress confesses a certain reluctance to intimate scenes: “In general, sex scenes aren’t fun to play because they question our relationship with intimacy, with the body, with letting go. It’s a bit intrusive. I haven’t done many, I don’t.” particularly as”, explains what is said to be very modest. “It’s also because of my upbringing. You should know that I have an Italian grandmother. That being said, my father is Italian. That’s probably why I do this job. Warmth, coldness, modesty and immodesty, it’s all mixed together.” laughs Julie de Bona, who retains a particularly striking memory of another intimate sequence: the one in which Mother Agnès abandons herself to the object of her desire…

“I didn’t expect the love scene to be so sublime” admits Julie de Bona

“I didn’t expect it to be so sublime. It’s one of the most beautiful emotional scenes I’ve ever played”She starts. “It is the first time that Agnès, a woman of my age, takes a man in her arms. But it is the beauty of life to be able to abandon oneself to another, to feel his flesh, his heart. For her, this moment is magical. It is not just a sex scene but a moment when someone wakes up, who lights up, who is born to life, to sensuality”. marvel at the actress. And to conclude: “Through Agnès, I was very moved. For me, Julie, abandoning yourself in the arms of the man you love is the most beautiful thing. This scene, therefore, transported me.”

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