Jean-Pascal Lacoste reveals the tension behind the scenes of the 20 years of Star Academy between him and Jenifer (VIDEO)

TF1 celebrated 20 years of star academy with great fanfare at the start of the 2021 school year. For the occasion, teachers and former contestants of the program had gathered to share their memories and relive together their best performances on the stage of the show. Jean-Pascal Lacoste did not hide that he regretted that Jennifer, the great winner of the first ascent, did not spend more time with her former teammates. “We, the rest of the class, spent two whole days together, we made all the meals together… We didn’t let go. And we would have liked her to be there too.” explained to the magazine Audience. Despite everything, he stressed that this attitude did not prevent him from appreciating the one with whom he had a small idyll in the Castle.

The singer left the set as soon as filming was over.

Guest of Jordan De Luxe for her show at jordan’s house for Tele-Leisurethe interpreter of the agitator went backstage at the college alumni reunion star academy. “It was great. It was good to meet again”, he admitted. He explained again that Jennifer had avoided them off set, not really finding an explanation for his attitude.. “We would have liked to see it. We saw Nikos, who told us: Come to your dressing room! We just would have liked to see each other, maybe she came at that time“, advanced. “We saw her film on the set. Action, film, we did the show and then she left”, he reported. Jean-Pascal, however, revealed that they had a small confrontation during the commercial.

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tensions on set

“In the pub we even tickled each other a little, because she told me: ‘Don’t say I disowned Star Ac.’ Because I said he disowned Star Ac. For ten years, her face disappeared from all images.”he said, seeing it as a sign that the singer no longer wanted to hear about the hookup that gave her away. “Why do we blur, if we don’t have a problem with Star Ac’?”, hammer. Then she cited the example of Olivia Ruiz, who from the beginning indicated that she was completely unrelated to the program. Jean-Pascal Lacoste confirmed that the atmosphere was a bit “weatherbetween him and Jennifer on set. “I think she’s mad at me for saying that. It’s not bad though. Even when I talk to some people in the business, they don’t tell me that what I said is wrong.” he claimed. “She can say, ‘I didn’t want anyone to tell me about the StarAc for ten years and now it’s coming back'”, he insisted. However, he is ready to make a clean sweep of the past to start over on a good footing.

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