Jean-Pierre Rivère hits the table with his fist

OGC Nice certainly did not expect such a start to the season. Only 13 in Ligue 1 after 8 days With two small wins on the clock, the Gym is in bad shape despite a fairly ambitious hiring figure of €70M anyway. We think of former Premier League players Aaron Ramsey, Ross Barkley and Kasper Schmeichel, but also Sofiane Diop, Gaëtan Laborde, Mattia Vitti and Alexis Beka-Beka. Except the trouble started as soon as Lucien Favre came back, not to mention the serious incidents that occur in the Europa League during the reception of Cologne early September.

What’s next after this announcement?

The Swiss is regularly short-circuited by what goes on internally. For example, he found out about Barkley’s signing a few minutes before. Schmeichel is not doing well either since the latter has made some whims that do not happen with the coach. Given the Dane’s bland performances and behaviour, he even settled Bulka in the last Ligue 1 match. Obviously he doesn’t like him internally either, particularly English managers Dave Brailsford (director of Ineos Sports) and Iain Moody (sporting director). ).

Rivere confirms Favre

Favre is fully on the bench. The management has contacted Mauricio Pochettino, as we informed you at the beginning of the week. If in the end the Argentine coach does not arrive, I’m not really interested in the nice projectthis latest information about internal tensions forces Jean-Pierre Rivère to break the silence in the columns of The teamreaffirming the great ambitions of INEOS, and debunking rumors of a precipitous exit of Lucien Favre.

“We are not going to change coach after eight days, it is not a sporting or human solution. Dave (Brailsford) saw him for a long time yesterday (Friday). Lucien (Favre) left the meeting very happy, he was happy to be supported. The rumors were unfounded. Lucien tells you: “I know football and I have confidence in the future” insists the president of the riviera club, showing his eternal optimism, despite the disappointment of the first results of the season. He also states that the owner still has a lot up his sleeve because he promises important future investments.

“The owners cannot be delighted with the start of the season, but despite that, they have relaunched the OGC Nice project. The morning of the match against Cologne, we had a meeting that reinforced his desire to develop OGC Nice, to equip it, together with our training center, with a very innovative performance center, which will be first class. Inside this center the cycling team will be housed, presumably part of F1 and sailing, with the aim of expanding and renovating our training camp, with more land. How much does Jim (Ratcliff, the owner) plan to invest? It’s not bad money. » This should reassure Lucien Favre at first, but also ease the fans’ discontent.

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