Jennifer haughty? Jean-Pascal Lacoste comments on her attitude during the 20th anniversary of Star Ac ‘

Invited to the Chez Jordan program this Friday, September 23, Jean-Pascal Lacoste revealed that the atmosphere had been execrable between him and Jennifer during the bonus anniversary that celebrated 20 years of Star Academy. And the least we can say is that the singer was not kind to the former candidate.

It’s 2021. TF1 decides to put the small plates in the big ones to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first season of its famous tele-hook, Star Academy. For the occasion, the television channel invites teachers and former candidates to meet in front of the public in a great evening to relive together some of their best past performances. A great success for fans of the show, who were able to revive fond memories.

But one thing has not happened to one of the former Star Academy star contestants, and it is not the first time he has spoken about it: Jean-Pascal Lacoste has never hidden the fact that Jenifer, the big winner of the TF1 game’s first promotion, never bothered to spend time with her former comrades. aside from the birthday party. The first time she shared this was in Public magazine, where she said: “We, the rest of the class, spent two whole days together, we ate together… We didn’t let go. And we would have liked her to be there too.”.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste and Jennifer lived a little love story

However, despite this attitude, he wants nothing more than that. And this is particularly the case because Jean-Pascal Lacoste and Jenifer had a little love affair during their participation in the Star Academy, which had burned down the Château des Vives-Eaux in Dammarie-Lès-Lys, in more fans of the two. singers, of course. Other than that, Jean-Pascal and Jennifer don’t have much in common anymore. And the latter did not fail to remember it again this Friday, September 23.

The interpreter of The Agitator was invited to the set of the Télé-Loisirs program Jordan de Luxe. Of course, Jordan asked him backstage at the Star Academy 20th anniversary party, wanting to know a little more about what happened off camera between all the former contestants. And the least we can say is that he was right to ask the question. After stating that “It was nice and very good to meet again”,Jean-Pascal Lacoste admitted that Jennifer’s attitude did not please him, once again.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste: “Jenifer did the show, then she left…”

“We just would have liked to see it. We saw Nikos, who told us: ‘Come to your dressing room!’ We just would have liked to see each other, maybe she came at that time. We saw her shoot on the set. Action, turn around, we did the show and then she left“. A new disappointment that apparently did not go unnoticed behind the scenes. Because Jean-Pascal Lacoste and Jenifer would have even had… a run-in during a commercial break.

“In the pub we even tickled each other a little bit, because she told me: ‘Don’t say I gave up the Star Ac’. Because I had told him that she had given up Star Ac. For ten years, her face was blurred in every picture.” “Why do we blur, if we don’t have a problem with Star Ac’?”he then asked, citing the example of Olivia Ruiz, who had indicated early on that she wanted to break with the Star Academy label. “I think she’s mad at me for saying that. It’s not bad though. Even when I talk to some people in the business, they don’t tell me that what I said is wrong. She can say, ‘I didn’t want anyone to talk to me about Star Ac for ten years and now it’s coming back. So, their friendship finally broke down? At this time, in any case, it is very cold.

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