Jocelyn Quivrin’s death: how her ex Alice Taglioni remade herself with her 8-month-old son

jocelyn quivrin He is one of the actors in the movie. LOL Laughing Out Loud) by Lisa Azuelos broadcast this Sunday night on W9. She plays Lucas alongside Sophie Marceau (Anne), Christa Theret (Lola) louisage (Stephane) or even Alexander Astier (Alan).

Released in 2009, LOL is one of the last films in which Jocelyn Quivrin acted. That same year she dies in a traffic accident in the Saint-Cloud tunnel (Hauts-de-Seine). She died when she was only 30 years old. Jocelyn Quivrin left behind her family but also her partner from then hers, Alice Taglioni with whom he had a son Charlie, born on March 18, 2009. Now a teenager, the latter was only 8 months old when his father died.

When you have a child that is still so young, you have to go

Alice Taglioni and Jocelyn Quivrin met on the set of the film. big school released in 2004. They made perfect love until death struck their partner head-on. Two months after the sudden death of Charlie’s father, a close friend of the 46-year-old actress confided in him Gala on his life without Jocelyn and his rebuilding with his son: “At Jocelyn’s funeral we saw how strong a girl she is. There are at least three things that make you count on her not to collapse: first, she is a woman with a very strong character, who does not lose steam. her, things have to move. There is also Charlie: when you still have a child so young, you have to go, it helps not to flinch. Finally, she knows better than anyone that Jocelyn himself would never have agreed to let her go.

Thanks to my son I think I am a better person

The main concern, Alice Taglioni, had also confided in our colleagues at current woman in 2013. “Motherhood helped me let go. I am no longer afraid to express my feelings.. Thanks to my son, I think I’m a better person, a better actress.”, he expressed. Alice Taglioni has since found love again with Laurent Delahousse, whom she met on the set of France 2 television news. They had a daughter and a son: Swann, born in February 2016 and Lino, born in late 2019.

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