Johnny Depp in a relationship with a beautiful Englishwoman? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle know her well…

This is news that will probably get a lot of ink flowing! According to the daily mail, Johnny Depp would be in a relationship with Joelle Rich, a 37-year-old London-based lawyer who represented the actor in a 2020 libel lawsuit against the newspaper. Sun. A legal battle that he ultimately lost, with the verdict being described as “bafflingfor those around him.

A source told the magazine US Weekly that “alchemy“between Lily-Rose’s father and the lawyer stood”unusual“and that was”serious with each other“. The young woman, therefore, would have a sentimental relationship with the actor, she who is “partner at the major international law firm Schillings, which also represents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle“reported the daily mail, adding that she is also “in divorcing the father of her two children, whom she was married to when she worked on Johnny Depp.”

sentimental muddle

On the other hand, she was not part of his legal team during his highly publicized trial with Amber Heard, who also owes him 10.35 million dollars in damage, according to the British tabloid. But if Joelle Rich had thereforeno professional obligation“in this trial, she was all the same”appears in the courtroom to offer ‘support’ to the star of Pirates of the Caribbean”. A case that would have judged as “staff” for her.

The English newspaper also reminds that Joelle Rich should not be confused with the lawyer Camille Vasquez, who had defended Johnny Depp during his trial with Amber Heard and who was suspected of having more than friendly relations with the actor. What she adamantly denied, the daily mail revealing some time later that she was actually in a relationship with British WeWork executive Edward Owen (company known for managing real estate in Europe), at the time of this trial.

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