Johnny Hallyday, the exhibition: Laeticia Hallyday makes a harrowing discovery, the important role of Jean Reno…

as well said Laeticia Hallyday, Johnny Hallyday will remain forever in the hearts of the French despite his disappearance on December 5, 2017. Taulier’s widow has embarked on a gigantic project, organizing the largest exhibition ever dedicated to the one she loved so much. An exhibition that she is currently preparing in Brussels and of which she is a co-producer.

To be as close as possible to the development of this exhibition that covers the entire life of Johnny Hallyday (12 million euros budget and 3000 m² of space), Laeticia Hallyday left Los Angeles for Belgium. Jade and Joy’s mother received many journalists at the workshops in Brussels, in particular one of the Parisian to whom he gave some anecdotes and confidences.

Rummaging through Johnny’s many belongings that she had stored over time, even going so far as to buy some of his costumes for the exhibition, Laeticia Hallyday came up with hidden treasures. “Johnny always keeps a lot of things in his jacket pockets, lighters, medicine, combs, business cards… Last week when I was choosing clothes in Los Angeles, I had a thrill when I opened this Chrome Hearts. In the inside pocket I found a photo of Jade (her eldest daughter) at 3 years old. She had kept it to herself, I didn’t know, and neither did Jade. When I told my daughter, through tears, she asked me to let her in.“, shares Laeticia Hallyday, inevitably moved.

The widow of the French’s favorite rocker also received a journalist from RTL, to whom he revealed some more details about the exhibition. Thus we learn that Jean Reno, a very close friend of the family and Jade’s godfather, has an important role in this event. “Jean Reno will be a bit of the voiceover, the guide”, Laeticia Hallyday told RTL. “I hope people learn even more about him (Johnny Hallyday editor’s note) through this journey.“, he added. This gigantic and unprecedented exhibition will be an opportunity to discover the immense artist that was Johnny Hallyday but also the man with a big heart and many flaws.

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