Johnny’s widow reveals her impossible mourning!

In 2017, the great star of the French song, johnny hallyday, off. Leave his wife behind Laeticia Hallyday, and their many children. But beyond his familythe singer has also left many fans in mourning.

This day in 2017 marked a very big loss for the world of french song. And his wife, although she has remade her life, still doesn’t seem to have cried. Here we explain everything.

Laeticia Hallyday, still in mourning

Five years have passed since Johnny Hallyday left this world, swept away by disease. It is December 17, 2017 that the singer left behind many fans tearful.

Laeticia Hallyday widow

Laeticia Hallyday still talks about him with great emotion. She had declared what johnny was an extraordinary man. It will continue to be thanks to you. Above all, don’t forget. He is and always will be with us.. My love, I love you a lot.

But since the death of her husbandLaeticia Hallyday is doing her best to make you proud of the afterlife. She tried to do her best to recover from death and move on with his two GirlsJade and Joy.

and even if Laeticia Hallyday does not have good relations with the other heirs of the starHe fights for his two daughters.

In fact, the press seemed to pick up family tensions between Laeticia Hallyday, Laura Smet, David Hallyday and even Sylvie Vartan. And yes the mother of the family led such a fightIt is for his two daughters that he partner had adopted in Vietnam. Since then, time has passed, and Jade, the oldesthe even turned 18 this summer.

Laeticia Hallyday he now spends most of his time in the United States, in Los Angeles. There she found love again in the arms of khalil lespert. The latter appeared in the film: Do not tell anyone by Guillaume Canet.

Therefore, it could be thought that the widow managed to grieve because he has found love again. But the truth seems to be quite different. Though she found love againshe does not seem to have succeeded in turn the page.

a difficult duel

In fact, if we can think that Laeticia Hallyday has not yet turned a page, is for his statements to RTL. It seems that last september 23Mother made comments which implies that it was still hard for her.

laeticia hallyday instagram

Laeticia Hallyday said in Let yourself be tempted in RTL that It seems so far and at the same time so close, She explained. the hardest thing is continue living without him every day.

She also added that your professional projects are still very difficult to manage. Because almost all of them are the result of this impossible duel.

Laeticia Hallyday

Indeed, Laeticia Hallyday and Johnny shared their life during a union of 21 years. She remembers him as a strong person. with a great personality. She still believeshe takes care of his two daughters from up there.

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