Julien Bert “I will love you all my life” the sad news

more than anyone, influencers and influencers know how to stand out on the web. His unusual daily life attracts viewers who are fond of the drama. Its notoriety has become a product coveted by brands. This is how Nabilla understood it, revealing her day-to-day life with her second baby. The romance between Jessica Thivenin and her husband Thibaut García is a topic the web loves. This time, it’s Julien Bert, the reality TV candidate, who talks about him. public a disturbing message on your Instagram account. Luckily you can count on a caring community.

Julien in The Fifties

julien berto experienced a meteoric rise within the world of reality TV since his participation in The island of truths 3. He has stood out on the screen thanks to his cheerful personality. Fiery in his conquests, he is like a fish in water, in the world of reality shows. As a member of the Rest of the World, it is thanks to his tact that he forged alliances with the Marseillais.

the universe of reality show has no secrets for him. This is how he joined the new game in W9: Les Cinquante. This game show is based on the popular South Korean series “Squid Game”. Julien Bert and the other candidates face various challengessometimes very difficult.

It must be said that the spectators appreciate “The Fifty”. It’s a bit thanks to Julien Bert, who has an overflowing imagination to bring the show to life. The young man shows the same malice in play as in love. The wants to win the heart of Mélanie Dédigama who has just separated from the father of her child.

The handsome dark-haired man knows how to juggle between passion and a dose of humor. It is this contrast in his personality that has enchanted viewers.

Julien Bert in mourning

Unfortunately, last week the generally cheerful candidate posted a very unusual message in your social network. This one said:

“Sometimes you have to go down to earth to get back up even stronger than before. »

After this moving sentence, Julien Bert added:

“I disconnected from the networks for a little while… I’ll explain when I have strength, I have more there. »

He left no explanation that day. However, the post was accompanied by emojis of broken hearts and doves. This detail suggested thathe probably just lost someone. Fans thought it might be his grandmother, whom he is very close to and calls “Nonna”.

A few days later, on September 24, the young man posted another Instagram story to announce the terrible news. It is based on a photo of him with his beloved “Nonna”. In the picture, the two members of the same family were happy and smiling a lot. Julien Bert liked to include his grandmother Juliette in his publications. Internauts even got attached to her.

In tribute to this, Julien Bert wrote:

“I can’t believe I won’t see that smile again… I will love you all my life, thank you for everything you have done for me.”

Source: Instagram screenshot

Julien Bert can count on his community

As soon as Julien Bert announced thathe was at his worst, on September 22, his fans already sympathized with him. After he announced the death of his “Nonna”His ex-girlfriend, Aurélie Dotremont shared this story on her Instagram account. “Grandma Juju, I hope you are happy in heaven,” she added.

The handsome brunette can also count on the endorsement of various reality TV candidates. Mélanie Dédigama could not help but reply. She even said on social media:

“A great thought for him and his family on this extremely difficult day. »

the Internet users expressed their condolences to Julien Bert.

“Great thoughts for your grandmother Juliette, as well as for all those who knew her… I am with you wholeheartedly, Julien. […] Be strong, especially at this time. I know she was your everything,” one commented.

Another wrote:

“I know how difficult it is to say goodbye to a loved one, take the time you need and come back to us with that beautiful smile that we are used to seeing”

Words doesn’t necessarily take away the pain. But this publications benevolence will surely be able to comfort Julien Bert. Hopefully it gets better very soon.

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