Kale makes babies shiver, even before they’re born

Carrot makes you smile, kale makes faces.  |  Deborah Rainford via Unsplash

Carrot makes you smile, kale makes faces. | Deborah Rainford via Unsplash

Rest assured, the goal was not to offer them a prenatal detox.

It has been the darling of detox specialists for years, a concept that is so debatable but that continues to prosper: kale is present in many menus, salads and smoothies allowing – in any case it is the promise – to sanitize our pipes. However, not everyone likes this food: many times its flavor is not appreciated, and if you frequent organic canteens or restaurants with the “bobo” seal, you have probably already surprised a consumer making a face when trying a green juice.

Does kale make you shiver? It would seem so, especially if we believe in a study broadcast by The Guardian, according to which this food would probably twist the face of certain human beings in disgust… even before the exit of the mother’s womb. Conducting research on our food preferences and wanting to show that they sometimes exist before birth, a research team from the British University of Durham has established that kale gives the fetus a frown.

To do this, British scientists have transformed certain wombs into tasting laboratories, subjecting fetuses to different flavors and observing the results from the interpretation of their facial expressions. Their results, published in the journal Psychological Science, show that the aromas of food eaten by the mother could be found in the amniotic fluid. Its taste can then be detected there from the fourteenth week, and its smell from the twenty-fourth.

Thus, seventy pregnant women between the ages of 18 and 40 underwent ultrasound scans, while their tenants received different types of food. A control group received…

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