Kylian Mbappé comes out of silence after image rights case

What’s next after this announcement?

Threatened with relegation to Nations League B two months before the next World Cup, the France team provided what was essential (2-0) against a weak Austrian team. Clearly dominant throughout the match but clumsy for a long time against Patrick Pentz, the Blues finally relied on a flash of genius signed by Kylian Mbappé and Olivier Giroud’s 49th goal in the tricolor. With this victory, Didier Deschamps’s men overtake their opponents of the afternoon and now aim for third place before one last repetition, this Sunday, against Denmark. Present in the mixed zone at the end of the match, the PSG striker logically returned to the very good collective performance of the Blues before answering one last question about… image rights.

As a reminder, just a few months after his first tirade about managing the Blues’ image rights, the former AS Monaco player had once again refused to lend himself to the media game of the main sponsors of the France team. A highly publicized fact that has also led the FFF to react by announcing a review of image rights contracts. “After conclusive exchanges in the presence of the executives of the French team, the president, the coach and a marketing manager, the French Football Federation undertakes to review, as soon as possible, the agreement inherent to the image rights that unites it. to its players in the national team The FFF is delighted to work on the general lines of a new agreement that will allow it to guarantee its interests, taking into account the legitimate concerns and convictions expressed unanimously by its players.indicated, as such, the pronouncement of the instance.

Kylian Mbappé spokesman for a group committed to his cause!

Questioned for a long time, in a mixed zone, after the overwhelming victory of the Blues against Austria (2-0), Kylian Mbappé was about to leave before returning… Anxious to answer one last question from one of our colleagues about the case of image rights, the 2018 world champion took the time to explain his approach, recalling that the entire group from France supported him in this case: “He (the group, editor’s note) has always been behind me, maybe you don’t know it, but he has always been behind me. From the beginning, it was a collective approach, as I told his colleagues, I have no problem going to the front of the stage, fighting for my partners and, as I said, it’s okay to receive criticism, I’m used to it. It won’t change the way I play or live and if it can allow the band to have what it wants, that’s the main thing..

A class action case confirmed earlier this week by the parisian alleging that there had been a meeting between the various actors for about thirty minutes. On this occasion, Hugo Lloris and Raphaël Varane had pointed out in particular that the Blues supported Mbappé in his approach, because some players shared the same position as Bondynois. Collective on image rights, PSG’s number 7 was, on the other hand, once again guilty of some excess of individuality, this Thursday night, against Ralf Rangnick’s band. Be that as it may, the essentials were finally secured against an almost harmless Austrian team. As for the boycott, now it’s a thing of the past since after the agreement with the FFF, Mbappé and all the tricolor players finally participated in the photo sessions last Tuesday. The file is closed.

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