Laeticia Hallyday soon bankrupt? The tax collector could take the last house from Johnny!

A few years ago, Laeticia Hallyday faced the terrible death of johnny happy day And the least we can say is that this latest He didn’t leave her only good things. He also has left debts.

Laeticia Hallyday is still affected by the departure of Johnny

On December 5, 2017, the France learned of the death of Johnny Hallyday. A death that terribly marked his fans, but also those close to him. Laeticia Hallyday has also taken a long time to recover from your departure.

On social networks, Laeticia Hallyday continues to pay tribute to him. Last June she wanted to pay him a nice tribute. On the occasion of Johnny’s birthday, she had posted a beautiful message.

On Instagram, she wrote: “It is not a day like any other, it never has been. how many memories, parties, music and love June 15 to celebrate you.

Before adding: “Tears mixed with joy today in a clear sky, one star will shine more than the others in the sky. It will light up the hearts of millions of people at the same time and ours in particular..

Finally, Laeticia Hallyday also trusted: “She will remind us that you are here, with us, for eternity. Happy Birthday. I love you forever “. A good Tribute that shook the Web.

A way to pay off debt

Shortly after the disappearance of johnny Hallyday, disagreements have arisen over his legacy. In fact, Laeticia Hallyday and her stepchildren fought for the property of the rocker for many months.

Finally, they managed to reach an agreement. In fact, Laeticia Hallyday also inherited her husband’s debts. Our colleagues from Público have also revealed that she should repay the sum of 30 million euros.

To repay this sum, he also had to part with his house in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. Thanks to this sale, he was able to pay part of the debt.

In Public magazine, published this Friday, September 23, it may well be that Laeticia Hallyday has to get rid of the last house in johnny Happy day. She has been trying to sell it for a while now.

This is his house in Marnes-la-Coquette. For now, the latter does not have not yet found taker. Already lowered the price a few weeks ago. Whether it will remove it again in the coming weeks remains to be seen.

angry netizens

While waiting to find out more about her finances, Laeticia Hallyday finds herself at the center of a stir. The reason ? Inaugurated a new exhibition on johnny happy day The box office is now open.

However, several Internet users have accused Laeticia Hallyday of using the rocker’s death to to make money. In their last post they expressed their anger.

They swayed, as reported Audience : “Laeticia will fill her pockets, although they are already full. », « 22.50 euros instead… Heartbreaking. »,« My idol, but she will be out of the question ».

“Everything that Johnny didn’t want in her life, she only does it for the money, she has no respect for Jade and Joy’s father. A absolute shame.

At the moment, Laeticia Hallyday has not reacted to this. controversy. It remains to be seen if she will speak on the subject in the coming days. Business to follow!

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