Laporte-Altrad trial: “Happy to see what the f… they’re up to!” Guy Novès not tender with Bernard Laporte and the Federation

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Visiting Aveyron, the former Stade and the Blues strongman spoke about the test currently shaking French rugby. His comments, in particular towards the president of the FFR, are scathing, as our colleagues from Press Center.

“I can’t be happier, happier to see what the fuck they’re up to.” It is with these strong words that Guy Novès concluded, on Thursday September 22, an intervention in Onet-le-Château (Aveyron), at the invitation of a Ruthenian real estate company.

The former Stade Toulousain strongman spoke in front of some 150 people. Questioned first about the news of the “Rouge et Noir” club, the XV of France, rugby in general, he was invited to give his opinion, at the end of the intervention, about the legal chronicle that he animates at the moment in French. rugby: the Laporte-Altrad trial, which ended this week in Paris: three years in prison were demanded, two of them suspended, against Bernard Laporte (president of the FFR) and Mohed Altrad (president of Montpellier) in this case of suspicions of corruption and favouritism. Verdict expected on December 13.

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“I couldn’t be happier, happier to see what the fuck they’re up to,” commented Guy Novès. with our colleagues Press Center. It is known: those accused of this matter, and in particular Bernard Laporte, are not appreciated by Novès. Let us remember that, after a complicated passage of Novès at the head of the XV of France (2016-2017), the latter had been dismissed for “serious misconduct”, had filed a lawsuit against the prud’hommes and had sentenced the Federation to pay more of 1 million euros.

“The other brat…”

In addition, on that night of the year, Guy Novès mentioned this past year at the head of the XV of France (2016-2017) with Bernard Laporte as president of the FFR. He described a nonexistent relationship and reportedly only met Laporte three times in one year.

Guy Novès no longer seemed to have Serge Simon, vice president of the FFR, on his heart (also warned during the Laporte-Altrad trial, a year in prison was notably required, including six months suspended sentence). This Thursday night he called him “the other branch” several times, he says. Press Center.

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According to the former coach, this legal episode probably does not worry the Blues, in full preparation for the 2023 World Cup at home: “I don’t think that what is happening at the moment in the Federation can impact the players. They are in their bubble, with friends. They want to play and be the best, that’s what matters to them. In my opinion, it will not have any impact on their performance.”

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