Laurent Ruquier launches a new television project: the details of his program and an update on Léa Salamé

laurent ruquier He wasted no time in recovering. After giving up her place on Saturday night on France 2 to Léa Salamé, whom she expects with her program called what a time!, the animator is ready to start a new project. Sure Premiere in Paris which will now be expected with a new cultural program recorded live, premier club. She will highlight everything that has always fascinated her, namely theater, literature, cinema but also humor. “We wanted to redo a cultural program in Premiere in Paris because there weren’t. We want to offer a program in which we do not take ourselves seriously“, he explains to tv magazine the general director of the chain Catherine Schofer.

Laurent Ruquier will surround himself in each number with already known artists but also with those who could well become so in the restaurant the stamp. “I have always popularized culture and have never addressed the elite. We’re here to send viewers books, movies, or plays they haven’t necessarily read or seen.“, adds the driver. For the launch, we will also see Gaël Tchakaloff (his former columnist forwe are not in bed in 2019-2020) and François Renucci, producer of his radio programs for years. In addition, three comedians will intervene to comment on cultural news.

The floor will also be given to readers or spectators, who will be invited to share their opinion about the work they have read or seen. “It’s an idea I had a few years ago and hadn’t implemented yet.. In this way I hope to create an exchange between the actor and the spectator or the author and the reader. This allows you to have a freshness and get an opinion without ulterior motives or collusion.“, he rejoices.

Laurent Ruquier hopes to do better thanWe are live

This is a new start for Laurent Ruquier after the disappointment of not having “he managed to do the show (he) wanted to do” with We are live. It is not Léa Salamé’s fault or of mineit is the exercise in pairs that was difficult because we do not have the same freedom, we have to think about the other’s speaking time… That was last year and, before, we had become frustrated because we were in confinement.“, he points, so he hopes this time to be able”have fun, stream and be happy“.

Note that Laurent Ruquier does not neglect public service and will continue to lead sons of tv every Sunday on France 2. It also plans to launch the entertainment everything makes us sing to talk about the news in songs with comedians and artists.

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