Le Chesnay-Rocquencourt. New Christmas Posters and Projects at Westfield Parly 2

Westfield Parly 2 shopping center is not lacking in projects.
Westfield Parly 2 shopping center is not lacking in projects. (©78actu/FC)

Make Westfield Parly 2 a “Destination place” and not just a shopping place. Here is the objective of the director, Pauline Arion, who arrived in March at the head of the shopping center. And for that, she does not lack projects.

Sartbucks, DS Cafe, Indian Cafe…

Already for Christmas, new signs will be installed, after the departure of others (often due to the end of the lease). Thus, Starbucks, which was installed in the BHV, will now have its own commercial premises, with an interior terrace. In the restaurant sector, DS Café will also be opening its doors soon, as will Yam Yam (Korean restaurant) and Indian Café.

“A large restoration area will see the light, confirms Pauline Arion, with the aim of creating synergy with the nearby cinema. Some brands will thus have a terrace with views to the outside, near the cinema.

Arabic Oud and Victoria’s Secret

On the shopping side, Obi Obi recently opened its doors as a pop-up store. Also note the installation of Cake Kitchen, Kitchen Designer and K-way.

The Arabian Oud (perfumes) brand will be established soon, as well as victoria’s secret (at the former Max Mara location) and a Joyful Café is expected to open in November. A concept that is gradually spreading in France where disabled people provide the service.

Services and leisure

Pauline Arion also thinks about the future. The Versailles Academy, which occupied the offices upstairs, is gone… The premises could therefore house new activities, not necessarily commercial ones, but “services and leisure areas”.

“What the customer is looking for is the experience beyond the purchase. On the project side, the director would also like to work on expanding the terraces at the Saint-Germain entrance and reviewing the parking lot signage which, by her own admission, is far from perfect.

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Energy crisis: what actions?

If energy sobriety is the government’s workhorse, then so is Westfield Parly 2.
“We were a bit of an avant-garde,” we explained to Parly 2. Lighting-wise, everything has gone to LED over the years. “When the center is closed, everything is blacked out, even the windows,” says the director.
17 instead of 19°C
To adapt to the increase in the bill and the need to reduce its consumption, the center will regulate its temperature, 17 degrees instead of 19. As for the air conditioning, the same: 26 degrees instead of 24.
Knowing that if the outside temperature is lower than the inside, the air conditioning does not start but the doors are open. “When you open the doors it is because the air conditioning is not on”, explains the director. The hot water in the sanitary facilities is heated by solar panels. We are looking to see if we can install more. We also call for tenders for the classification of waste, lists Pauline Arion. Many food brands work with the To good to go app. » This would have saved 7,000 meals last year.
“The goal is that by 2023 we have reduced our energy consumption by 20% compared to 2019,” summarizes the director of Westfield Parly 2.

To make Westfield Parly 2 a “destination”, the management of the center is innovating. In summer, a terrace (entrance Saint-Michel) was set up, with a sofa, picnic table and children’s play area, intended for customers “but also for center staff”.

A crucial point for the director: that the traders feel good. This terrace could host new events as part of the year-end celebrations.

The job dating operation. It will be renewed on October 4, after the success of the first edition. On this occasion, nearly 40 brands will be present throughout the day (250 applications had been received in March). Lockers will be available soon that will allow customers to leave their coats, motorcycle helmets or bags. “We offer as many services as possible. »

open on sunday

Finally, please note that from November 13, Westfield Parly 2 will be open every Sunday until the end of January. There is a project underway so that the center is always open on Sundays. “Our competitors are, says Pauline Arion. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t. Sometimes it is also an obstacle for the hiring of traders. »

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