LIVE – Brazil-Tunisia: with a double by Raphinha, the Seleçao takes off against the Tunisians

Vinicius and Pedro shine

For the first time, Vinicius created danger on the left. He combines with Casemiro. The latter hits but the leather is going to corner. In the process, Pedro tries the acrobatic gesture to widen the gap but the ball is deflected.

A new card for Tunisia

Msakni gets a yellow card for protesting.

a smooth recovery

The break has calmed the ardor of the two teams for the time being. Since the restart, little danger has been created on either side. Brazil just spun the ball. While Tunisia runs after the leather and quickly loses it when he recovers it.

Neymar is still on the pitch

Note that Neymar has, in fact, stayed on the ground. Often criticized by the Tunisians, the Brazilian remains in Tite’s plans for the rest of the match.

Just one change for Tunisia

But also in Tunisia with the entry of Ghandri instead of Jaziri.

Change in Brazil

From change to bankruptcy in Brazil. Vinicius and Pedro enter instead of Richarlison and Paquetá

Let’s go to the second act.

The referee whistles for the restart of the game. Brazil leads 4-1 against Tunisia, which is struggling to exist. Let’s see if the Tunisians manage to curb the ardor of the Seleçao.

It’s rest in the Parc des Princes

It is a great manifestation of Brazil in the Parc des Princes. After one last great Brazilian opportunity in which Dahmen saved his own with both fists, the referee whistled for the break. The Seleçao leads 4-1 against the Águilas de Cartago.

A yellow to calm Richarlison’s ardor

Wanting to protect his teammate too much, Richarlison gives him a yellow card.

They threw a banana at Richarlison

In addition to the use of lasers, a video currently circulating on social media shows that during his celebration of Brazil’s 2nd goal, Richarlison was targeted… by a banana throw. The atmosphere is very tense in the Park.

Red card for Tunisia and Bronn

To top it off, Dylan Bronn receives a red card for a very big foul on Neymar. a gesture of humor much loved by the selection of him. Tunisians reduced to 10.


The double for Raphinha!! In the axis, Richarlison delivers for the Barcelonan. The latter with his left foot hits hard. Post that he returns for 4-1. Neymar was at the start of the action.

Jaziri’s nice try

Well placed on the right, Jaziri attempts a direct free kick but finds both of Alisson’s fists. Tunisia claimed a handball from Danilo and a penalty after a volley from Chaalali. But the referee does not flinch.

Neymar well carried by the Tunisians

On the left side, Neymar tries to create danger. But he is well taken by three Tunisians, including Skhiri, who manages to give the people some air about him.

Tunisians imprecise in the pass

Stunned after a few minutes, the Tunisians try to gain meters. But they are imprecise and do not create danger. Note Richarlison’s heavy pressure on defenders.


As usual, Neymar is clinical in this exercise. He catches the goalie with his left foot and finds the small right net. 3-1 for Brazil.


Penalty for Brazil. Laidouni also receives a yellow card for a foul on Casemiro.

Parcel near the van

Paquetá is very close to the truck. After a long resale of Marquinhos, Paquetá in the area uses a hook to destabilize his vis-à-vis. The shot is barely covered and goes for a corner.

meeting resumes

The game resumes after the call for calm. Tunisia’s corner comes to nothing and is easily returned by the Brazilian defenders.

Lasers spoil the show

Note the presence of lasers coming from the stands. While the show is in full swing, the party is for the moment stopped. The announcer called the fans to calm down.

A yellow for Neymar

Neymar received a yellow card for a foul in midfield.


But what a start to the game! Hot on the heels of the equalizer, Richarlison is on fire and launches into a one-on-one and slips the ball between Dahmen’s legs to score. 2-1 for Brazil.


Oh the surprise!! From a set piece, Talbi hits a great header to the center to mislead Alisson. The leather is lodged in the small left net. 1-1

Tunisians in great difficulty

It is difficult for Tunisia to react and sees little of the ball at the start of the match. The Eagles of Carthage sometimes try to combine, but a Brazilian is usually present to recover.


Raphinha’s whim to open the scoring!! The former Rennes player is left alone in the area to be at the end of an incredible cross from Casemiro. With a header, the Barcelona player finishes off the goalkeeper. 1-0 for Brazil.

Brazil challenges Tunisia

Brazil multiplies goal attempts after a corner from Neymar returned by the Tunisians. The Blues’ future opponents struggle to revive properly.

Paquetá close to enjoying a Neymar caviar

At the entrance to the surface, Neymar slides a nice deep opening for Paquetá. The latter strikes calmly, but the leather touches the outer net.

The scare of Brazil and Paquetá

What a bad pass from Paquetá that allows Jaziri to gain meters. After a dangerous exit from the defense, Skhiri fires a shot near the surface. She is blocked and goes around a corner. this does nothing

Raphinha already tries the blow

On his right side, Raphinha has already transplanted into the axis to get into shooting position. He heads the shot, but an opposing defender counters.

The kick-off is called!

Let’s go for this friendly match between Tunisia and Brazil, under the gaze of Didier Deschamps. It’s the Brazilians who hire.

The Brazilian anthem sounded, Marquinhos disappointed

The start of the meeting is only a matter of minutes. The two hymns resonate in the grounds of the Parc des Princes.

Note that the Brazilian anthem was widely whistled by Tunisian supporters, which annoyed Marquinhos a bit. The PSG defender shook his head several times as he looked towards the stands, where he usually finds more support…

Neymar soon in the history of Brazil?

This meeting could inscribe Neymar in the legend of Brazilian football. The striker is three goals away from breaking Pelé’s goalscoring record, which stands at 77.

But this FIFA statistic is disputed by the Brazilian Football Federation. For example, Pelé’s number of international goals is not 77 but 95.

More information here…

Tunisians to see the Blues

The French team will have to be very attentive to this match. For good reason, they will face Tunisia in the group stage of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The Carthage Eagles follow up with a narrow 1-0 friendly victory against the Comoros. It will be interesting to see how Msakni’s teammates hold up against a team considered to be one of the favorites for the final crown.

A Brazil in top form with Neymar in gala

Before the start of the 2022 World Cup, Brazil has the opportunity to calm down even more. During the friendly match against Ghana, the Seleçao distinguished themselves with a 3-0 victory, as well as a brace from Richarlison, fueled by a decisive double passer from Neymar.

With elements like Raphinha, Paquetá on the offensive plane, without forgetting the PSG player, the danger will be permanent for the Tunisians.

The composition of Tunisia with Msakni and Skhiri

Dahmen – Drager, Talbi, Bronn, Ben Ouannes – Skhiri, Laïdouni, Chaalali – Ben Slimane, Jaziri, Msakni

The composition of Brazil with Neymar and the return of Thiago Silva to the Parc des Princes

Alisson – Danilo, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Alex Telles – Casemiro, Fred, Paquetá – Neymar, Richarlison, Raphinha

Welcome everyone to this live commentary.

Hello and welcome to all for the live commentary of the friendly match between Tunisia and Brazil. Match that will take place in the Parc des Princes and will start at 8:30 p.m.

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