LIVE – World Cycling Championships: Arrested by police, Mathieu van der Poel has surrendered

70 km: the point of the race

The French and the Belgians ride at the head of the opposing group, which is therefore 1’30 behind the leader and 30′ behind the peloton. Suddenly Sivakov and Serry are no longer in the lead.

72km: a great countergroup

Behind the main 8 men, a large counterattack group split up behind Quentin Pacher. Senechal and Bardet stand out. The Belgians were not taken by surprise, Evenepoel is there. they are 23

Big fall for Georg Zimmerman

The German fell on the descent behind the hill.

76km: Quentin Pacher attack on Mount Pleasant

It is not broadcast but it blows up the platoon. Bardet is also at the helm, with Remco and Sénéchal.


He moves to the front, while the gap has been reduced to 1’40. Battistella, O’Connor and Sivakov isolated themselves with Pieter Serry and Liepins.

85 km: escapees dropped the case

the gap is melting like snow in the sun now. Between the horsemen of the small nations rinsing and the outsiders (Sivakov, O’Connor, Battistella) hiding, the 16 in front have lowered their flag.

89 km: Starts to shake in the peloton

We went up Mount Pleasant, the trail side has a more sustained pace up there. The gap was reduced to 3’30.

94 km: Sivakov to the economy

Although the gap has fallen below 4 minutes, the Frenchman of the group, Pavel Sivakov, no longer takes over at the front and is reserved for the return of the peloton.

Watch out for Biniam Girmay

He could become the first African world champion.

106 km from the finish line: the difference in altitude is reduced to less than 5 minutes

The morning break will not come until the end.

front drop

Groupama FDJ’s Briton was hit by an Australian flag and fell. Luckily it was uphill and he didn’t take anyone with him.

111 km Serious things have not started yet

But the Spanish team left many forces in the battle.

no headphones

We remind you that unlike the Tour de France, the runners do not have headphones to be informed of all the events of the race or to receive instructions from their sports director. It is the award for boldness and individual decision-making.

119 km from the finish line, breakaways cross the finish line

There are 7 laps to go on the circuit, they still have a 5m42 lead, they only lost a minute on the last lap.

126 km – Always more than 6 minutes ahead for breakaways

It is always the Spanish who lead the hunt.

the French coup on Mount Keira

It was the highest difficulty at the beginning of the course, and the French did well. Ultimately, it was the Germans who filled the hole.

The Van der Poel Imbroglio

The Dutchman was arrested at his hotel. There was an altercation with two young girls who apparently knocked on his door at 10:40 am He pushed one who was slightly injured. The police intervened, he couldn’t go back to bed before 4 am, his passport was confiscated and he will appear in court on Tuesday. He was able to start the race but dropped out.

More information here.

the 16 fugitives

There are some good names, including the two Australians Ben O’Connor and Luke Plapp who play at home.

Pavel Sivakov (fra), Pieter Serry (Bel), Jaka Promozic (Slo), Ben O’Connor (Aus), Luke Plapp (Aus), Samuele Battistella (Ita), Simon Pellaud (Sui), Scott McGill (USA) .), Pier-André Coté (Canada), James Fouché (NZ), Lukasz Owsian (Pol), Michael Kukrle (Rtc), Emils Liepins (Latvia), Juraj Sagan (Svq), Guy Sagiv (Israel), Nicolas Sessler ( Brazil).

Abandonment of Van der Poel

This is the great news of this race start: the favorite Mathieu van der Poel has given up.

150 km from the finish line

Hi and welcome everyone, we are 150km from the finish and the race is starting to settle down. There are 16 riders in front, with a lead of more than 7 minutes, including Frenchman Paul Sivakov. 9 laps to go on a 17km circuit with the Mount Pleasant climb. The Dutch and the Spanish lead the pack.

Alaphilippe willing to “put himself in misery”

In an interview in The team On Saturday, on the eve of putting his world title on the line in Wollongong, Australia, Julian Alaphilippe confided his ambivalence between his desire to win a third rainbow jersey and his possible relief at the thought of letting go of his robes.

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Can the Blues repeat the feat?

After Julian Alaphilippe’s two titles in 2020 and 2021, the French team is moving uncertainly towards the World Cycling Championships in Wollongong, Australia. The Blues have left the suit of favorites to Belgium and we still don’t know who will be the leader between Alaphilippe, Cosnefroy or even Laporte.

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Good afternoon everyone

Welcome to our site to follow live and with full live commentary of the Road Cycling World Championships online race. France has one of the best squads in the service of two-time world champion Julian Alaphilippe. What a dream of a third coronation in a row. A feat that has only been achieved by the Slovakian Peter Sagan (2015, 2016 and 2017).

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