Lucien Favre, the results, the organization chart… The president of OGC Nice Jean-Pierre Rivère delivers his truths

For two hours, the president of OGC Nice received Nice-Matin and L’Equipe at his offices on the Quai des Etats-Unis. Jean-Pierre Rivère confirmed Lucien Favre in his role, denied contact with Mauricio Pochettino to take over from the Swiss coach and assured that the future of the club looks promising under the direction of Ineos.

Lucian Favre

“When I read in the press that we negotiated an agreement with Lucien Favre to separate, it is absurd. We are not going to change the coach after 8 days, it is not a sporting or human solution.

Dave (Brailsford) saw him for a long time yesterday, Lucien left the meeting very happy, he was happy to be supported. The rumors were unfounded, Lucien tells him: “I know football and I remain confident that the future is as good as it can be.” People will come and reinforce the staff in certain areas, in everything related to performance in particular.”

Mauricio Pochettino

“I was shocked when I read that I was on a date with him, that is nonsense. Nobody from the club has met, or called, Pochettino or his representatives. It is disrespectful and weakening our coach on the spot. We will everybody”. work together with Lucien to recover as well as possible from the bad start to the season. He has not been given any ultimatums.”

Current results

“We are not sitting at all this season after 8 games. Why are we 13th? Sometimes seasons start badly, nothing says that we are not going to raise the bar. All together. And that the club recovers”. “We want to identify the difficulties, we are working to rectify them. The transfer window, of course, was delayed, we must find the right osmosis. Ineos is three years old. For me, we have almost lost three years today.” , we are launching for me the actual project that we were supposed to do with Ineos. For three years, there was a project that was to take young people and develop them. I did not share this project. I think it was a strategy. mistake. Today we have a different vision. We want to have a club that is structured, that allows it to grow. Our job is also to find competent people who can help us. provide those resources.

the sports director

“The arrival of a general manager (Fabrice Bocquet) is a first step. A sports director will allow us to have a clear and specific sports policy. We also need to have a person in contact with the coach and the players.” like the whole club. We fill in the boxes with serenity and tranquility. Will it be Leonard? No. Michael Edwards? He will not come. Paul Mitchell? Either. They meet and meet Dave, but he won’t come. Don’t be him. You have to be attractive to attract at the highest level. The athletic director must work with the coach in his place. He’s not going to come in and ask for the coach to be fired. Who decides now? Dave, Jim and me. Right now, Dave is leading the dates.”

david brailsford

“Dave is going to restructure the performance division to improve it, looking for high level people who want to join the project. After the audit that was carried out, we consider that we are very far from the performance standards. “We are lucky in the group and around Ineos Sports to have people who have a lot of skills in this area. We want these people to join us, either on an ongoing basis or on an advisory basis.”

Iain sulky

“He was supposed to stay until September 1. He has since returned to London, but today we would like to continue working with him. We will see how to integrate him into the organization. We are happy with his mood, the way he works. We never asked him to go find a manager. He did the emergency hiring, the president of Crystal Palace made him available for us.”

Dante’s words after Angers

“Our captain knows how much love I have for him. He is on the pitch, the players have a certain responsibility in the current situation. When we are not aware of what is happening, I understand the concern. I really like Julien (Fournier), but this project will never see the light of day without this change.”

Arjan Peco

“I read comments that were disproportionate to this lady from Ajaccio. We took the time to find out what had happened, then temporarily suspended Arjan to find out if his comments led to his dismissal. There was no filing of a complaint, and probably not either.” insulting or threatening comments, we were able to see the images, the policemen were on duty 20 meters from this lady, the proportions taken make no sense in relation to what happened, it is very hard for him, he was moved to the depths of himself . We will reinstate him.”

the performance center

“The morning of Nice-Cologne, we had a meeting that confirms Ineos’ desire to develop OGC Nice. It was decided to expand our training center with additional land and build a very innovative performance center on the side. It will be superior “The cycling team , a small part of F1 and the performance structure of sailing will use these infrastructures in particular. It gives meaning to the project over time and still shows the means given to the club. These are prospects we’ve never had for the club, and I’m weighing my words.”

The future

“Since 1904, apart from the Loeuillet presidency (1969 to 1981) when Nice was to have the second largest budget in France, the future of OGC Nice has rarely been so exciting and interesting. Coué, when everything is structured as we wish It will be a successful and innovative club. It’s hard work, the results will come.”

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