MAP. How much does a movie ticket cost according to your department?

Has cinema been overrated in France? How much do you really have to pay to get a place according to your department? Today, more than 10% of seats would be sold for more than 10 euros. In some modern establishments, equipped with recent technologies and located in the center of the city, the place can quickly go up to 15 euros. At the Beaugrenelle cinema in Paris, the most expensive cinema in France, the pain of a 4Dx session reaches 25 euros. Recently, the actor Kad Merad he even called on the movie world to lower ticket prices to bring moviegoers back to dark theaters.

But is the cost of a movie session that expensive throughout the country? According to data from the National Center for Cinema and Moving Image (CNC), the average cost of a ticket would be far from the exorbitant prices indicated above. The average price of a cinema ticket in 2021 in France was 7.04 euros, 6.2% more than last year. “70% of people who go to the cinema pay below this price,” Marc Olivier Sebbag, general delegate of the National Federation of French Cinemas, explained to Capital in June.

Reduced to the departmental level, the price range is between 5 and 8 euros per seat. The departments where the ticket is more expensive are those of Bouches-du-Rhône and Alpes-Maritimes, where you have to spend about 8.01 euros to go see a movie. The other way, (…)

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