Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet – a great family event celebrated

Very busy with several shoots, including a new series for Apple TV, including sequences are filmed in New York, Marion Cotillard must find her children, perhaps Guillaume Canet, on the occasion of a very special event.

It is her 47th birthday that the Oscar-winning actress will celebrate on September 30.

And a great opportunity to meet again with Guillaume Canet, with whom he spent the summer holidays in Cap Ferretin his beautiful residence.
But Here magazine reported that even if they spend time together, there will be no flashback.

Their reunion would be for their two children.
Marion Cotillard would not forgive being fired.

The actor and director would have taken the initiative of his breakup, he assured the magazine Público.

“And contrary to what we have read, it would be him who decided to end his story: the wear and tear of the relationship and these daily details, these repeated comments that one day, tired, we ended up not accepting anymore. ”, he informed himself.

This allegation was not commented on by the interested parties.

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