Mask Singer: The identity of two stars questioned by Laurent Ruquier, big mistake in the middle of the show!

from kick-off mask singer, the jurors Kev Adams, Vitaa, Chantal Ladesou and Jeff Panacloc have already discovered the identity of several stars. But some give them a hard time… The Elephant, the Bride, the Polar Bear, the Tortoise and the Monkey are well hidden behind their costumes. But Wednesday, September 21, 2022, on the air big heads On RTL, Laurent Ruquier and his lover Hugo Manos made big reveals that could change everything.

At the beginning of the program, the famous driver introduces his team of the day. This indicates that on this day, the former host of Secret Story is part of it. “A Big Head who also does White Bear in TF1, Christophe Beaugrand“, launches Laurent Ruquier. Is it a blunder? Not really, since he is convinced that it is he who hides behind this disguise. A phrase that had its effect: Christophe Beaugrand could not hide his shame.”I don’t see what you’re talking about, Laurent.“, he defends himself. But Laurent Ruquier is convinced that he bet on the mile: “saw you last night at mask singer. I recognized you. A guy who beats himself up and sings off key. It can only be you, Beaugrand!“And the main party’s response leaves little room for doubt…”I just sang!“, he lets go.

Is Christophe Beaugrand playing on the suspicions hanging over him or is he just burned out? The answer in the next episodes of mask singer. Remember, however, that the researchers, as well as Francis Huster, who accompanied them for an evening, also thought about this hypothesis. That’s when the charming Hugo Manos steps in. “And also trying to jump Keen’V, the Elephant, the air out of nowhere because since both of you are dressed up, there can be no claim for harassment“, he declares, implying that Christophe Beaugrand is the polar bear and Keen’V the Elephant ! Whether this is confirmed remains to be seen… See you at the next premium Mask Singer on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 on TF1.

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