Mathieu (Love is in the meadow), the arrival of his baby threatened: great disappointment and sad revelations

against all attacks, Matthew and Alexander of Love is in the air (2020) announced their breakup after two years of love and only one year of marriage. “In a moment, Alexandre struggled to find his place. I think I needed a calmer, less turbulent life. I wanted to be stable, a more classical life.“, the bull breeder in the Camargue had explained, specifying that he had remained on very good terms with his ex. The news was even more surprising since the couple had taken steps to become parents and, recently, it was in Colombia that Mathieu flew to meet a surrogate mother and decided to continue this project alone.

Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan. This Friday, September 23, Mathieu made sad revelations in history Instagram. His surrogacy is threatened by the genetic disease you suffer from, Cadasil disease. “Surrogacy: emotional lifting… Not every day is good. So you know that I have this disease, which is a genetic disease. And the clinic there asked me for a blood sample from my parents and myself. They’re going to send me kits here. I have to find them, return them or bring them to Spain. And they mostly asked me for a blood sample from my dad. Except my father passed away in September. It’s complicated“, he trusted.

Therefore, Mathieu approached specialists to help him deal with the problem in the best possible way. “The idea, since my father is no longer here, is that they know the entire perfect genome of the disease, they can communicate between Colombian geneticists and French geneticists about how to detect the diseased gene in future embryos. to prevent my child from being a carrier of the disease“, he detailed. Result: “againstit’s gonna take much, much longer“. The disappointment is then necessarily great for the farmer.”As well as being an experience that all moms and dads can attest to as an emotional uplift. When you have a rare disease, it’s even more complicated. We add the complicated to the complicated“, he lamented.

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