Median, the robot-doctor that will revolutionize a hospital in Caen

Francis Faroy, vascular surgeon and president of the medical commission of the Saint-Martin de Caen private hospital, explains the use of the Médian telemedicine robot, at the end of September 2022, at the Orange Innovation facility in Caen (Calvados). ©AC/Liberty Caen

It’s almost like being in a science fiction movie, at the Orange innovation facility in fall (Calvados) at the end of September 2022. It is there that “the first version” of the medium robot there he showed up. Sharp sounds common to the movements of a machine: the apparatus of telemedicine allows remote patient care.

For Francis Faroy, vascular surgeon and president of the medical commission of the Saint-Martin de Caen private hospital, we are even “at the dawn of a revolution”. The robot must facilitate the realization of the first diagnoses.

“A hospital 3.0”

At the Caen medical establishment, Median arrived at the emergency room on Friday, September 23, to “be tested on patients.” The latter only have to request a teleconsultation on the robot’s touch screen. “We would like to offer a 3.0 hospital”, adds the doctor. Then all you have to do is wait.

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Remotely, using a tablet, the doctor can control the arm of the machine. At the same time, the patient can see the doctor on the screen.

Unlike a teleconsultation via webcam, the robot can check each part of the body with its arm and zoom in to see a wound, for example. With Median, you can also print a prescription directly.

Francis Faroy, vascular surgeon

Iliès Zaoui, founder of consciousness robotics, the Hérouville Saint-Clair company that designed Médian, in collaboration with Orange Innovation, speaks of “making life easier for doctors”. The health professionals on duty at the Saint-Martin Hospital “will therefore save time. Although they are in the same facility as the patients, there are several departments that are on different floors. The time to go up and down represents a real waste of time”, argues the commercial manager.

5G mandatory

But for the robot to work, “the network has to be flawless,” says Francis Faroy. “There is no telemedicine without an operational network. On this, Jean-Marc Escalettes, director of Orange Grand Ouest says:

5G rollout is underway. In Normandy, 100 cities are covered with 5G Orange. In Calvados, we are at 24. This figure will increase in Normandy to 138 municipalities covered in 5G as of October 4, and to 13 municipalities in Calvados and seven in Caen-la-Mer.

And with 5G, “latency must be instantaneous,” adds Hubert Segond, an engineer known as “Mister 5G.” For information, “latency corresponds to the time between the request and the performance of an action”, according to the site

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Not yet marketed

If Median is not yet marketed, it will be “in 2023”, specifies Iliès Zaoui. “We will sell it between 25,000 and 30,000 euros. A rental will also be possible. For now, we have estimated it at €1,000 a week and around €3,000 a month. »

Conscience Robotics and Orange Innovation want to “develop Médian in the future. We would like to add a stethoscope or Doppler, for example. »

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