Meet Brad Pitt’s ‘Most Handsome Man in the World’ (And No, It’s Not George Clooney)

This week, Brad Pitt made a big announcement. He unveiled a project that he has been leading for a long time. The famous American actor has embarked on a completely new sector, that of Cosmetic products.

After his experience in cinema, sculpture but also wine – in 2008, Brad Pitt bought the Miraval estate where he produced the famous came rosé Miraval Provence-, the ex-husband ofAngelina Jolie now she has her own beauty brand. This is named after “The Dominion” and wants to be genderless. There are four treatments that make up this first range. And the least we can say is that prices surprised many fans.

Le Domaine Skincare, a luxury skincare brand

Just go to the brand’s Instagram account or online store to understand the brand’s positioning. The Domaine Skincare wants to be very luxurious. This is reflected in their prices (a serum at 350 euros, a cream at 275 euros, a fluid cream at 265 euros and a cleansing emulsion at 70 euros), but not only! The quality also seems to be there.

Brad Pitt has surrounded himself with the best to develop this brand. “I know there are new products almost every day that people try to launch, but if I hadn’t seen a real difference visually on my skin, we wouldn’t have bothered to develop it.”the 58-year-old man told fashion uk.

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“She has aged so gracefully”

On the occasion of this great launch, Brad Pitt gave several interviews. However, one of them managed to attract more attention. This is the one I did for the magazine. fashion. In a video shared on the magazine’s Instagram account, Brad Pitt is asked about the most handsome man in the world. According to him, it’s Paul Newman! “It has aged so gracefully. He was a truly special man, generous, warm and sincere”Brad Pitt explained.

The 58-year-old actor later joked that if he had to choose anyone alive, it would be George Clooney. “I always quote him and he quotes me every time. For once, I said someone else before him!he has said.

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