meeting with Brieuc Carnaille, director of the film “The Sun Too Close”

with his movie the sun too closeBrieuc Carnaille immerses us in everyday life of Basile (Clément Rouxel), recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. For his first feature film, Brieuc Carnaille chose his hometown, Roubaix, to develop this character with a tortuous journey. “Basile’s trajectory is very similar to the trajectory of the city of Roubaix. It is a dented city like him but it is also impregnated with true poetry.“, testifies the young director.


After a stay in a psychiatric hospital, Basile takes refuge with his only family, his sister Sarah, played by actress Marine Vacth. This is where the path to reintegration begins, an ordeal for the main character and his loved ones constantly worried about him. “When you live with a patient like this, there is a weight of guilt and it is the wear and tear that makes you crack. Sarah’s character burnout, Basil’s sister, is when Basil invades her life.“, says Brieuc Carnaille.

The director wants to break a taboo and enlighten the public about this little or little known disease that is schizophrenia. “Today it is easier to talk about mental illness, it is more accepted. Schizophrenia is not the case at all, today it is impossible to admit that one is schizophrenic”he explains.

Basile suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, he is coming out of a first hospital stay so the disease has just been declared. And if she takes the medicine correctly, she can live normally.”says Brieuc Carnaille. For him, this is also one of the unknown aspects of the disease, the fact that a treated patient can behave normally.

“The Sun Too Close”, by Brieuc Carnaille, with Clément Roussier, Marine Vacth, Diane Rouxel, 1h30, released on September 28, 2022.

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