Meghan Markle “narcissistic sociopath”: these new testimonies that do not forgive her

Another book about the royal family has just been published, and it immediately hurts Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. His attendees reportedly called themselves the ‘Sussex Survivors Club’. A new inconvenience for the couple.

For all the lovers of the royal family, a new book has just been published. Runners: the hidden power behind the crownwas written by the royal correspondent of the TimesLow Valentine. This, through his writing, intends to lift the veil on the mysteries of the palace before the departure of Meghan and Harry.

According to their claims, a lot of tension was felt behind the palace gates shortly before the couple left. The reason ? Harry reportedly told members of the press who had been invited to cover the royal tour of the South Pacific: “Thank you for coming, even though you weren’t invited.” The book says about it: “It was spectacularly rude and wrong. The media had been asked to cover the tour. Harry’s staff later told him how badly his comments had gone. He replied: ‘Well, you shouldn’t have made me do it.’ ” After what tensions between Harry and his staff have risenand confirmed.

The ‘Sussex Survivors Club’

The book went on to discuss the tensions between the royal couple and their staff: “Things eventually got so bad that Harry and Meghan’s team would later be called the ‘Sussex Survivors’ Club. [le ‘Club des survivants des Sussex’ (ndlr)]. Sources say the team came up with a damning epithet for Meghan: a “narcissistic sociopath”They would also have said several times: “We played with us.”

As for the disagreements between Princes William and Harry, the book explains thatHarry refused to meet with his brother to discuss his poor relationship with the rest of the family. because he was “concerned” Let this be released to the press. By the way, William reportedly only became aware of Harry and Meghan’s displeasure when he saw the comments made in the TV documentary. “Harry and Meghan: An African Journey”which aired in October 2019.

William would then have tried to set up a meeting, after which Harry refused and went abroad a few months later with Meghan. citing lack of support from the royal family.

An arranged reconciliation between the two brothers after the death of Elizabeth II?

Since then, however, the water has flowed under the bridges, but, before the queen’s death, no image showed the reconciliation between the two brothers. Despite the moving images revealed to the world after the death of Elizabeth II, where we see William, Kate, Meghan and Harry together on the Windsor Promenade to greet well-wishers and admire tributes to the Queen, there is a ‘but ‘ in the history. In fact, the Times had reported that these reunions in the form of public reconciliations only took place after lengthy negotiations.

It was the new Prince of Wales, William, who agreed to this walk, and who invited Harry and Meghan to accompany him and Kate. A royal source said of this: “The Prince of Wales invited the Duke and Duchess to join him and the Princess of Wales. The Prince of Wales thought it was an important show of unity at an incredibly difficult time for the family.”. However, the same source added that Protracted negotiations preceded the arrival of the two brothers, resulting in a 45-minute delay.

Therefore, this information raised questions about the sincerity and truth behind these famous public reconciliations. Were the negotiations on the organizationto find out how the walk would go, or on a personal basis, to find out if Harry and Meghan also agreed to appear publicly with William and Kate in a united and welded way?

This news has tarnished, once again, the smooth and perfect family image offered by the two brothers and their wives. There is still a long way to go before tensions in the royal family subside.

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