Mental health: what is the social battery and why should we be careful not to empty it?

Everyday life offers us regular interactions with others. However, you have to be careful not to burn yourself out and not empty your social battery. We tell you all about this important phenomenon (and in particular how to better protect yourself).

HASAfter a day at work, an evening with friends, or a family gathering, some people sometimes feel tired, exhausted, almost drained of your energy (although they slept very well the day before). This is nothing abnormal. If you’ve ever felt this, it’s just that you mismanaged your social battery. But what is it ? As Dr. Meg Arroll, an author and psychologist, explained to the magazine StylistSaturday, September 24, “we all have an individual and unique social battery that is depleted or restored by certain interactions and situations“.

In other words, our different social interactions we all cost more or less energy. While some people recharge their social battery quite quickly and easily, others have more regular opportunities to see theirs “deflate.” then they need recharge in peace and lonely sometimes for several daysbefore being able to have an exchange with people again.

Why do some people drain their social battery more than others?

“The reasons why some people drain their battery faster than others are related to a combination of factors,” said the psychologist. It’s about your personalitythose of the people in front of you, but also the type of attachment you have for your interlocutors and the degree of stress what can you feel. For example, if you are talking to someone who is very outgoing or someone you are attached to and you don’t want to be disappointed, your social battery will drain faster. On top of that, the number of people you interact with can obviously affect your social battery. The more people around you, the more likely you are to burn out faster..

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According to Dr. Meg Arroll, certain types of people are known to have particularly sensitive social batteries. For example, the specialist cited the so-called ultrasensitive or hypersensitive peoplefor whom “social interaction in general can be demandingbecause they are much more in tune with other people’s moods and environmental stimuli.” In contrast, other people may “need a lot of social and environmental input to experience the world optimally,” the psychologist explained.The key is to develop self-knowledge and self-awareness so that you can tailor your interactions to your innate needs..”

Get to know your social battery better to manage it better

With our colleagues, Meg Arroll recommended that everyone “Spend some time and effort getting to know your own social drums better.. “It will increase efficiency and you will be able to thrive better in the social world,” she said. “Since we don’t always have control over our daily social interactions, it’s very important to know how to restore your social battery: this often takes the form of moments of solitude, connection with nature or being in the presence of those who refresh your energy, including“, he concluded. You know what you have to do!

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