Michel Jonasz defrauded of almost €400,000 by his personal assistant

The merry-go-round lasted from 2013 to 2019. For six years, a 53-year-old woman, personal assistance from Michel Jonasz, in which the singer, now 75, he had full confidence, he embezzled money by disguising the artist’s accounts. He signed checks or sent transfers worth €398,000, he explains. The Parisian.

Double salary and travel

On Monday, September 26, she was sentenced by the Paris Criminal Court to 18 months in prison for breach of trust and money laundering. Hired in 2004 as a secretary, she quickly proved indispensable and began managing the artist’s accounts even though she had no accounting background.

With the embezzled money he was able to double his salary but also afford several trips to New York, Prague, Copenhagen, Malta…

Michel Jonasz “understanding”

Upon discovering the pot of roses, Michel Jonasz would have been understanding without being aware of the embezzled sums. It must be said that his accountant was supposed to take a look at the artist’s accounts once a year…

According to the defendant, it was she who ended up venting her conscience by confessing her faults to the artist. According to the court, it would be another assistant to Michel Jonasz, intrigued by accounting errors, who would have alerted the singer. The defendant will have to repay the €400,000 and his suspension may be revoked if he fails to do so.

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