Microsoft about to buy a Japanese giant?

Microsoft would continue to buy quietly. In fact, the parent company of Xbox has reportedly approached the big Japanese names with a view to one or more acquisitions.

the madness of Microsoft acquisitions It’s not finished yet. While the US giant has yet to get approval for the Activision-Blizzard acquisition, it is already looking to the future. Based on the success of the Xbox Series in Japan, the green brand wants to have new weapons to conquer Japanese gamers.

Japanese studios bought for Xbox Series exclusives?

Microsoft to conquer Japan? Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has never hidden his desire to take over a Japanese studio to strengthen the brand’s position in the territory. If nothing seems to have been successful for the moment, the American firm would not budge. According to the speakers at GiantBombCast, the podcast of thewell-informed person Jeff Grubb, Microsoft is currently in talks with a large Japanese publisher for an acquisition. Talks are also reportedly taking place with smaller studios in the country.

Statements that go in the direction of what other serious media had reported last year. Obviously, Microsoft had already reached out to Japanese studios before the Activision-Blizzard acquisition. Who could be this great editor who would be in the crosshairs of Xbox? SEGA and Microsoft have gotten close recently and Phil Spencer’s unfortunate words had given rise to rumours. The gaming branch’s chief thinker had in fact declared that “Xbox is Sonic’s new home.” It was enough for the internet to get carried away.

Until its bell with ATLUS, which will finally release its games People on the Xbox Series. However, there are many potential suitors: Bandai Namco, Square Enix, ATLUS, Koei Tecmo, Konami, Capcom. For its part, Microsoft announced the color last April: studio acquisitions to resume in earnest. There is a lot to choose from. Whether Microsoft will be able to bring one into its stable remains to be seen.

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