Monoprix in turn locks the price of certain products

Inflation continues to rise in France and the purchasing power of consumers is declining. To fight against the price increase, the Monoprix brand will also make efforts. The retail brand is launching a Monopetitsprix operation. The goal will be to “support your customers and support their purchasing power.” Among the measures indicated, the brand will apply a price freeze on 300 own-brand products every day. The kilo of rice, the cooked ham or even the pack of 4 yogurts are among the products affected by this blockade.

This is not the only measure announced by the brand. The Monopetitsprix operation will also offer reductions 10% discount on all purchases. This refund will be made between September 27 and October 9. It can take several forms: vouchers or online promotional codes. These reductions will be valid in food, hygiene or maintenance. Returns with these codes will be made from October 3 to 10 and will be limited to 30 euros.

In addition to consumer discounts and price freezes, other features are part of the program. Twenty menus for four people were created with the help of nutritionist Myriam Moussier. The goal is to allow people to eat in a balanced way, at a lower cost. Each menu will be priced at 10 euros, or only 2.50 euros per person. Similarly, packed lunches were prepared for students. These (…)

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