MotoGP, Johann Zarco on speed racing: “Human nature is to complain rather than adapt”

Aleix Espargaró expressed his thoughts from the start of the race to the final sprint in a Grand Prix format that has been revised and corrected accordingly, and now it is Johann Zarco’s turn. French is less closed on the subject than Spanish and that is the least we can say. He acknowledges that it is something of a leap into the unknown, but points out that the experience of the discipline must stand out in this busy schedule where there will be even less time to breathe than today, that is saying something…

The new Grand Prix program definitely came out and the first comment fromAleix Espargaro it has been that he hopes that Saturday will soon be exalted as the happiest day of his life. The official aprilia He also said that he will give his final verdict after the first meeting of 2023 that will take place in Portimao from March 24 to 26. And that he will not fail to be as forthright as usual in his judgment.

This speed race and its other innovations are the subject of debate among the pilots whose johann zarco it’s part. Listening to him, we realize that fortunately they are not fully aware of these developments. A reaction that does not surprise the French. Remember that it is instinctive: “ as pilots, we were not entirely in agreement remember the veteran of 32 year. But the two-time Moto2 champion says it clearly: now you have to get used to it and I think all riders are capable of adapting. It’s just human nature to complain instead of adapt. “.

Johann Zarco, Prima Pramac Racing, Animoca Brands Grand Prix of Aragon

Johann Zarco is divided in Q2 on Friday morning: “ experience will help, but the tracks are usually cold »

He specifies: ” I am happy that the decision for Q2 has been made for Friday. Experience can help a bit if you need to be ready for Friday. Everyone runs faster on Saturday morning, but there is also a rush on the track. », explains the Pramac Ducati rider. ” And the tracks are often cold, and that’s where it really gets scary. “.

The French end in speed week about the time factor: normally we don’t have a lot of time on a MotoGP race weekend. We try to be competitive in every session. We no longer go around so much to make comparisons “. And in 2023, this time is even more limited.

Johann Zarco sprach über den neuen Zeitplan

As a reminder, here is the new format that will come into effect from the first Grand Prix 2023 in Portimão de March 24 to 26

Friday hours:

09h00: 35 min Moto3 practice 1

09h50: 40 min Moto2 practice 1

10:45: 45 min MotoGP 1 practice

13:15: 35 min Moto3 2 practices

14:05: 40 min Moto2 practice 2

3:00 p.m.: 60 min of MotoGP 2 practice

Saturday program:

08h40: 30 min Moto3 free practice

09:25: 30 min Moto2 free practice

10:10 a.m.: 30 min of MotoGP free practice

10:50 a.m.: 15 min MotoGP 1 qualifying

11:15: 15 min MotoGP Qualifying 2

12:55: 15 min Moto3 Qualifying 1

13:20: 15 min Moto3 Qualifying 2

13:50: 15 min Moto2 Qualifying 1

14:15: 15 min Moto2 Qualifying 2

3:00 p.m.: Half-distance GP Sprint Race

Sunday program:

09:40: 10 minutes MotoGP warm-up

10:00 a.m.: 30-minute MotoGP Riders Fan Show

11:00 a.m.: Moto3 race

12:15 p.m.: Moto2 race

2:00 p.m.: MotoGP race

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