My Prime Renov, CEE premium, energy check… What aid for energy renewal?

Embarking on the energy renovation of your home is a good idea. First, due to rising energy prices. So for homeowners, because of the strengthen legislation on energy filtersprohibited for a few years to rent.

Obviously, the bill can add up quickly, especially for F and G rated accommodations. But lots of help can bring it down. It is still necessary to understand how to access it and how much to count. These are the main aids currently in force, most of which can be combined with each other.

my renewal bonus

This is the main public support for energy saving work. It centralizes all public aid for low-income households, but has also been open to wealthier households and homeowners since 2021.

Paid for by the National Housing Agency, it is based on two criteria: the nature of the job and household income. From the insulation of attics or windows to the installation of solar panels or a pellet stove through an energy audit, each type of work has its own scale.

Household income is differentiated according to four colors: blue for the so-called very modest households, yellow for the modest, purple for the in-between and pink for the rich. The aid can thus cover up to 90% of the cost of the work for a blue home, 75% for a yellow one, 60% for a purple one and 40% for a pink one. Eligibility conditions can be detailed using a France Renov’ simulator.

Before starting, it is essential to contact France Renov to verify your eligibility and obtain the contact details of an RGE craftsman (recognized guarantor of the environment), the only one authorized to make an estimate and then the work. In 2023, the support of a professional will be mandatory to benefit from this bonus.

The premium amount is calculated after submitting an online application on the platform Anah insists on not signing quotes or paying bills before they are approved. He notes that the premium is only paid once the work has been completed. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to pre-finance the work or resort to certain organizations that offer advances on costs.

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The EEC cousin

The CEE premium (energy saving certificate) allows you to finance part of your energy works (change of boiler, windows, etc.) with the exception, from July 1, of attic, roof and ground floor works.

It is the energy providers who finance this work for individuals and professionals. To date, it is the mechanism that affects the broadest public, since even companies, communities and condominiums are entitled to it.

This financing generally takes the form of a premium paid to the beneficiary, the amount of which depends on the project in question and the household’s income. The request for an energy bonus, sometimes called an “eco-bonus”, must be anticipated before signing any quote.

The zero-rate eco-loan

The zero-rate eco-loan It is an interest-free loan obtained from a bank. From July 1, 2022, it can be combined with Ma Prime Rénov’. In order to release the eco-PTZ and cover the rest of the energy works not financed by Ma Prime Rénov’, the maximum amount of credit to be requested must not exceed €30,000.

To obtain this eco-loan, it is also necessary that the work carried out is the renovation of the insulation of the house or the change of the heating mode (for a more ecological and economical version). These measures which was due to end in 2022 has been extended until the end of 2023.

The Normandy device

The goal of the Denormandie device, which took effect in 2019, is to put dilapidated properties, particularly power filters, back on the rental market after work. It is aimed at landlords, who will have access to a tax reduction similar to the famous Pinel system (tax reductions of 12%, 18% and 21% for a rental commitment of 6,9 or 12 years with a limit of €300,000 ).

The work must represent at least 25% of the total cost of the site. Ils doivent aussi améliorer de 25 % la performance énergétique du logement ou concerner au moins deux types de travaux parmi le changement de chaudière, l’isolation des combles, l’isolation des murs, le changement de production d’eau chaud et l’isolation windows.

The Denormandie device, named after the former Minister of Housing, only affects certain areas located in the heart of the city’s action or Areas of operation for the revitalization of the territory. A simulator allows you to get to know the cities in question at

the energy check

the energy check It is an aid intended for low-income households. It can help finance energy renovation works. With a value that ranges between €48 and €227, the check is distributed each year, in the spring, in the mailbox of the beneficiaries.

There is no process to go through to receive it. It is valid from its distribution until March 31 of the following year. If you don’t plan to use it, you can exchange it for a work check valid for 2 years.

VAT reduced to 5.5%

The 20% VAT on works can be reduced if they refer to actions to improve energy efficiency. 10% in some cases, more often 5.5%. And this can represent an interesting saving on a budget of several thousand euros.

Like the energy check, there is no procedure to carry out: the professional automatically applies the reduced VAT to your budget. Just review it carefully before you sign it.

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