Myriam Abel settles scores with Cauet and Cécile de Ménibus

On the set of Chez Jordan, Myriam Abel paid for Cauet and Cécile de Ménibus. The singer has very bad memories of her encounter with them.

Cauet and Cécile de Ménibus must have had a ringing in their ears… On the set of Chez Jordan, the Jordan de Luxe program, Myriam Abel settled accounts with the presenters. It must be said that the winner of the New Star does not have good memories of the two… “After the release of my first album, I went to promote it, with the other one I don’t like either, Cécile de Ménibusbegan Myriam Abel, who therefore has not forgotten anything. And since I had released my album seven months after my Nouvelle Star win, he had written a column ‘Myriam, it takes seven months to…’ and suddenly, I was 20, 22 years old, that had hurt me, even he began to cry on set. And ever since then, I’ve hated him.” Like Cauet, Cécile de Ménibus also left Myriam Abel with bitter memories.

On the set of Chez Jordan, the singer remembered having met her when she participated in the reality TV Angels. At that time, she had been invited to Jean-Marc Morandini, where the host worked: “I can’t see her, they had invited me to Morandini’s after the Hawaiian Angels, because I had said in a press conference that ‘it’s The Voice, but Jenifer, it’s not The Voice.’ They all shot me there. And Cécile de Ménibus told me: ‘who are you to say that?’, I am much more qualified to give my opinion as a singer…” At that time, the two (…)

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