Myriam Abel transformed: -20 kilos in 4 months, her phenomenal weight loss and without depriving herself

The winner of season 3 of New Star (in 2005) is back in front of the cameras. Myriam Abel was guest of Jordan De Luxe on his show at jordan’s house, in C8. The opportunity to talk about his great weight loss.

Last spring, the former M6 candidate reappeared in the spotlight of the program The 10 shows we miss the most on C8 and had surprised netizens. Many people are convinced that they have resorted to cosmetic surgery too often. “Oh Myriam Abel, what did he do?! This face, what a pity!“, “No, but Myriam Abel unrecognizable! Stop the surgery, it’s too much!“, if we could have read in particular. But it is not this subject that she mentioned during her visit to at jordan’s house. Myriam Abel has indeed talked about her weight.

The 41-year-old singer first admitted that she “Did something“power level before”.I was overweight. I weighed 70 kilos for 1m56. (…) I really had a very bad diet, and since I felt bad about myself, it was a comfort to me to eat.“, she said. Self-conscious, she decided to regain control thanks to a dietary rebalancing. She followed a program that had worked well for a friend of hers. And very quickly, she saw the results.”I lost 20 pounds in four months.. It is not dangerous because I do not deprive myself of anything. It’s not a diet, I’m not frustrated.“, continued the one who today weighs 51 kilos and who is delighted to have found the”weight of [ses] 20 yearsMyriam Abel then very quickly clarified that she was not bulimic at the time.

Today the artistsmells good“in her own skin. And she’s delighted that her dietary rebalancing worked, in which case she would have had cosmetic surgery.”The next step was liposuction.. There today, I am super happy and super proud to have lost all those kilos without going through liposuction.“, he concluded.

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