NASA and Hideo Kojima collaborate on a very limited edition watch

Hideo Kojima joins NASA for the creation of an atypical watch signed Anicorn.

Hideo Kojima is the collaboration pro. The video game designer, known for solid metal gear or the recent death strandinghas already partnered with several big names in the industry, including PlayStation and Xbox (for a secret projectt). This time, Hideo Kojima changes course, and turns to another of his passions for an original and unprecedented collaboration.

It is with NASA, just that, that his company Kojima Productions seals a partnership around the creation of a limited edition watch. This one is made by Anicorn and will be released on September 27th on their site. We can see some photos, which show us its sober design with a mechanical aspect. Silver, gold and black patterns are layered to give a truly premium look to the wrist jewelry.

fans ofHideo Kojima, or simply connoisseurs, will have recognized the studio’s logo, which represents a stylized skull. On the other hand, you have to be very careful to notice that the colors and design of the watch are directly inspired by Ludens, the mascot of Kojima Productions. The latter being an astronaut, a collaboration with NASA can only be significant. Unicorn explains:

Anicorn is honored to present a watch from a unique collaboration: SPACE LUDENS, an epic partnership inspired by Ludens that champions creativity, imagination and the playful element of culture. Anicorn designed SPACE LUDENS with Kojima Productions and used the NASA logo as one of the design motifs, which aligns perfectly with the concept of “bringing fun into the unknown universe.” The watch is basically inspired by Ludens extravehicular activity suit. […] We are Homo Ludens. We are the ones who play.”

A very very limited edition

Attention, those who covet her will have to go very quickly. The Anicorn Space Ludens watch will go on sale this September 27 from 2:00 p.m. French time. At the moment, no price has been announced. Therefore, it will be necessary to go there at random, and this very quickly since only 600 copies will be put on sale. One hundred orders will also receive a Kojima Productions logo skin as a small gift.

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