Netflix Tudum: The Witcher, Squid Game, Vikings, Lupine, all series and movie announcements to remember!

news culture Netflix Tudum: The Witcher, Squid Game, Vikings, Lupine, all series and movie announcements to remember!

After a successful first edition, in 2021, Netflix returns this weekend with a new Tudum, a long event dedicated to its films and series that will arrive in the coming months. This time between the United States, Europe, Latin America or Asia, more than 100 productions were on the agenda. Of course, there were big announcements. Haven’t had a chance to follow the show and want a full rundown? Do not move, we have what you need.

Witcher, Vikings, Squid Game, the series put on a show!

Inevitably, after a first Tudum that had broken the house thanks to the images of Season 4 of Strange thingsNetflix should at least do better in this second edition! So not anymore, there is no release date for the sequel to the famous supernatural show (just a failed funny) whose creation has just begun. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t satisfied. First, we learned a lot about The Wizardstarting with the release date of season 3 which will arrive in the summer of 2023. Then a pleasant surprise, The Origin of Witcher Blood, the spinoff miniseries that takes place 1,200 years before the events of the base series and will focus on the adventures of the first warlock as well as the Conjunction of the Spheres, has also announced its arrival. It will be Christmas Day, December 25. What a bright future for the white wolf!

Netflix Tudum: The Witcher, Squid Game, Vikings, Lupine, all series and movie announcements to remember!

While we have good news for the future of Netflix’s biggest series, let’s specify that Lupine revealed its season 3 thanks to a short trailer. “If I have to disappear, I might as well do it in style,” says the biggest thief, from the rooftops of Paris! Therefore, we imagine another major break. No date, just “coming soon”. next to him, vikings valhalla Season 2, spin-off and sequel to Vikings, was not more talkative (“premiered in 2023”) but was allowed to be addressed thanks to an unpublished video. On the show, a fight on a beach takes an unexpected turn. But the award for least talkative (but nonetheless highly anticipated) series goes to money theft, a spin-off of Casa de Papel focused on the hero Berlin, only went on to say a few words; but also to squid game, on the Tudum stage to show an unreleased excerpt from the first season without a big announcement about the sequel. Instead : alice on the border, “the other Squid Game”, will mount its Season 2 in December. Good news.

Vikings Valhalla – Season 2 New Clip (Netflix Tudum)

Even more information about upcoming series on Netflix:

You season 4 is “coming soon” and will bring anti-hero Joe to England. We were entitled to a short preview of the Chronicle of Bridgerton Season 3 script and footage from Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton Story, a spin-off of the same series. The same goes for Emily In Paris, who showed off a season 3 video of her. shadow and bone it comes out next year. The Watcher, a horror miniseries about a family watched by a stranger, arrives on October 13. 1899, another terrifying spectacle about the meeting of two ships in the open sea, is on November 17. On the same date, we will be able to see the final season of Dead to Me. Finally, keep in mind that the fourth chapter of Manifest will be there on November 4, and that Outer Banks has presented its Season 3.

Yes, we haven’t had good news about Stranger Things, but you can still find its star actress Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) in Enola Holmes 2, starting November 4. She is basically the equivalent of Sherlock Holmes when she was a child. But Bobby Brown isn’t the only big star coming to feature films soon. The muscular Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, will show off his muscles in Extraction 2 starting next year (no further info). During this Tudum we saw an awesome scene with a helicopter landing on a train, just that. Still on the list of superheroes, Jason Momoa (Aquaman) will also be on November 18 at Little Nemo and the world of dreams, where he plays the role of an eccentric bandit, guiding a young girl through the world of Slumberland. For her part, actress Gal Gadot (Wonderwoman) will star in the action film Heart of stone in 2023 while Jennifer Lopez (almost a superhero) will do everything possible to protect her daughter in the spring in Mother. Finally, for fans of romantic comedies, Reese Witherspoon | Ashton Kutcher will be showing You at my house and vice versa, available on February 10, 2022 on Netflix.

Netflix Tudum: The Witcher, Squid Game, Vikings, Lupine, all series and movie announcements to remember!Netflix Tudum: The Witcher, Squid Game, Vikings, Lupine, all series and movie announcements to remember!

More information about upcoming movies on Netflix:

They Cloned Tyrone, billed as a “confusing scavenger hunt” starring John Boyega and Teyonah Parris, is coming to Netflix “soon.” Glass Onion, the sequel to Rian Johnson’s acclaimed Knives Out, has unveiled a new trailer (but no release date). Ditto for School for Good and Evil, which will take place at the academy where Cinderella and Snow White sit, scheduled for October 19. Let’s not forget Redem Team, a documentary about basketball at the Olympic Games.

Original projects and new video games on Netflix

Finally, let’s talk about the original projects that were part of this Tudum. We could already see a new sequence for Wednesday, a series imagined by Tim Burton and that will be released, well, on Wednesday, November 23, more precisely. In the video in question, the eldest daughter of the Addams family can be seen trying to make friends with the famous severed hand that walks alone. In a universe not too far away, we were also able to discover a making-of of the pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water, Pan’s Labyrinth), scheduled for December. The opportunity to see all the gears that underlie this production in stop motion. Finally, let’s clarify some facts about the animated and very promising series of the artist Kid Cudi, entergalactic, with a style that still looks a lot like Spider-Man Next Generation. Not to mention the new video games that arrive in the Netflix catalog: free oxen, first of all, immediately available; and many titles to come, including Kentucky Route Zero, Desta: The Memories Between, Stranger Things: Adventures and Challenges, It’s Cake! Get cooking, Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited.

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