new accusations of Mathias, new details about the investigation

In a series of tweets and videos broadcast early Friday, Mathias Pogba, under arrest, again implicates his brother Paul, while RTL reveals new details about the group of alleged mafiosi in the French international environment.

Prosecuted and imprisoned as part of the investigation for attempted extortion of which his brother Paul would have been a victim, Mathias Pogba attacked him again early this Friday in a flurry of messages on Twitter programmed to advance thanks to a “bot” ( robot), he explains. “It also means that I am no longer free, either because of my brother’s henchmen or because of the police. This is how the slanders will have worked to shut me up. »

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Mathias Pogba evokes Alou Diarra and Serge Aurier in the marabout episode

In these messages, Mathias Pogba again accuses his brother of having, “several times he bewitches his football teammates, including the prodigy Kylian Mbappé, either out of jealousy or to win a match.” It states, in particular, that this was the case in PSG’s match against Manchester United on March 6, 2019 (1-3). “At Paul’s request, the magician took it upon himself to neutralize Kylian Mbappé, who at the time was experiencing a rapid rise, far surpassing Paul’s notoriety. […] Kylian was just a shadow of his former self against a reserve team. »

Paul’s older brother explains in particular that he is “fallen into witchcraft” : “The turning point was the 2018 World Cup where Paul, believing even more in the magician than in God, commissioned the magician to ensure victory for the France team. […] We are talking about a fairly young marabout called Ibrahim, nicknamed Grande, secret partner of the Team 5 company from Roissy-en-France, according to his own words. Because he is close to former international Alou Diarra. My brother met him thanks to the player Serge Aurier who was recommended by his marabout. »

He accuses his brother of “collusion with organized crime”

Furthermore he writes that ” (his brother […] he has always had criminals and delinquents around him (and) that he has used these relationships on the one hand to protect himself on the street and on the other hand to do business with them so that they do things for him and shed blood for him “. Mathias claims not to have been “aware of these actions until he betrayed his henchmen and fled without warning anyone, leaving our mother and me to our fate, leaving his family and loved ones targeted by these bandits. »

“I had to reproach Paul for his behavior so that he deigned to keep our mother away from danger, taking care of her alone and abandoning the others, pursues Florentin’s twin. Of course, he makes her live alone without any protection, while he is quiet in his fortress behind his bodyguards. Also, it wasn’t free. My mother had to side with him and advocate for him. Which she sadly accepted. »

Rafaela Pimenta pointed again

The other person targeted by Mathias Pogba in these videos posted on Twitter and TikTok is Rafaela Pimenta, the “who took over from Mino Raiola”, the agent of the player who died on April 30. He is talking “handling” to discuss the work of the lawyer. “She now takes charge, helping him manage his finances closely”says Mathias Pogba.

“When I say that they worked to separate my brother from his family, it got to the point that when I called Rafa to help me because my life and that of my family was in danger, she told me that she simply ignored, thus being an accomplice of my brother or at least show no assistance to anyone in danger”, accuses. Then to later promise to tell how Pimenta would have infiltrated the family to become “the second mother of (its) brother “.

Mathias Pogba’s letter to his brother:

“Childhood Friends” by Paul Pogba profited from the player’s money, according to RTL

At the same time, Friday morning, RTL released new details about the group accused of extorting money from Paul Pogba for several months. According to the police investigation report consulted by RTL, for several years, Paul Pogba’s “childhood friends” took advantage of the player’s money through purchase credits at Adidas (3,000 to 4,000 euros per year), investments in a burger joint in Seine-et-Marne (several hundred thousand euros) or even a borrowed and largely debited credit card. »

The radio explains that when Paul Pogba put an end to these gifts, at the end of January 2022, this group of “friends” threatened the player and demanded €13 million. “three in cash and ten by bank transfer.”

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A “relative” wounded by a bullet?

Mathias Pogba even certifies that ” blood “ immersed in this story. He explains in one of the many videos posted this Friday morning that a ” close “ he was shot and wounded by people who threatened the whole family.

“I had saved my brother time, Mathias says. But in the end, my brother did nothing. The bandits grabbed this relative to shoot him in the hand, in order to send a message to my brother that the lives of his relatives were in danger. »

RTL, citing the investigation report, also states that a man was shot in the hand on August 10. A medical report would confirm this information.

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