of criminals use false-positive tests to evade justice

A positive self-test for Covid-19, March 17, 2022 in Rennes - DAMIEN MEYER © 2019 AFP

A positive self-test for Covid-19, March 17, 2022 in Rennes – DAMIEN MEYER © 2019 AFP

People use false-positive Covid tests, particularly to evade court summonses. These documents are sold on social networks for a few tens of euros.

At the height of the Covid epidemic, the authorities had to deal with the counterfeit health pass traffickings that then they were necessary to travel or enter certain places. A few months later, the services are faced with a new type of false document, false positive tests for Covid.

Sirasco, the information, intelligence and strategic analysis service on organized crime (Sirasco), has just launched an alert to the police and gendarmerie services about the use of false evidence by criminals to evade a court summons, BFMTV learned .com confirming the information of the Parisian. In three months, two cases were reported.

evasion of justice

The first reported case dates from last May. The events occurred in the Rhône-Alpes region. A man serving his sentence on probation requested a suspended sentence on medical grounds. The reason: he would have tested positive for Covid. The document attesting to this turned out to be false after the aforementioned laboratory that had taken the sample discovered that it was not in their database.

“The man revealed that he had bought this false test for 50 euros on social networks,” explains Commissioner William Hippert, head of Sirasco.

Last September, another man used the falsification of a positive test certificate this time so as not to attend their meetings imposed by the justice system with the prison service for insertion and parole. The latter was processed and placed under an electronic bracelet. The subterfuge was discovered when the evidence provided came from a theft of a medical laboratory database.

“It is better to do these fake tests,” confirms Commissioner Hippert.

call surveillance

“We are not facing an explosion of this type of practice, but false tests are not systematically detected and that deserves to be vigilant, continues the person in charge of Sirasco. We can imagine another use for these false positive tests.” Isolated forger? Organized network? In any case, social networks, such as Snapchat or Instagram, are “a showcase” for many fraudulent activities.

Sirasco calls the surveillance services and offers some controls to detect false positives. Start by verifying the existence of the doctor or laboratory that performed the test and whose name should appear on the document. The Primary Health Insurance Funds also have traceability of the people who tested positive. Finally, the presence or absence of a logo should also alert to errors in the certificate header.

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