OM: the moving testimony of a German supporter during the OM

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Last Friday, Olympique de Marseille was sanctioned with a match behind closed doors by UEFA, after the incidents that occurred during the match between the Marseille club and the German team Eintracht Frankfurt, on September 13. The newspaper provence questioned a German fan, a witness to the events, who told the story of a nightmarish evening. “Our buses were attacked and chased all night around Marseille. Usually there are only problems when we come across far-right supporters, like those from Lazio for example. In Marseille, most of us were there for sightseeing. We love to travel.”said the German fan. However, he pointed the finger at the attitude of some SGE supporters. “ We are also ashamed of the two idiots, at home, who gave the Hitler salute. They are in big trouble today, and rightly so. Trust me, we’re mad at them.”

Marseille fans will not be able to attend the next Champions League match in Lisbon, against Sporting, on October 4. For its part, Eintracht Frankfurt was fined 15,000 euros for “racist behaviour” and 30,000 euros for “throwing projectiles”, according to CMR sports.

To sum up

Present during the excesses that occurred during the OM – Frankfurt, in the Champions League, on September 13, a German fan told his story of the evening. Olympique de Marseille has been sanctioned by UEFA, as has its German counterpart.

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