on the 25th, don’t miss the solar eclipse visible throughout France

To observe the astronomical shows that the month of October 2022 has in store for us, take our sky map. This month, don’t miss the partial solar eclipse that will be visible throughout mainland France.

On Tuesday, October 25, 2022, a partial solar eclipse will be visible everywhere in France. Its maximum will take place between approximately 11:55 and 12:15, depending on your location. The day star will then be about thirty degrees high. The inhabitants of the north-east of France will be privileged compared to those of the south-west.

Our advice: It is essential to use filter glasses designed for observing eclipses. They reduce the intensity of light and block harmful radiation to the eye emitted by the sun.

Partial solar eclipse of October 2022. Credit: Johan Kieken / Sciences et Avenir

Partial solar eclipse of October 2022. Credit: Johan Kieken / Sciences et Avenir

Aspect of the Sun at the moment of maximum eclipse in Strasbourg, Paris and Pau. Time of this maximum, percentage of the solar disk then hidden and times of the eclipse for these three cities. Credit: Johan Kieken / Sciences et Avenir

The sky chart for October 2022

Discover below the map of the sky visible in mid-October around 7 pm (click on it to enlarge the image).

Credit: Johan Kieken / Sciences et Avenir

How to use this card?

Rotate your smartphone or tablet so that the name of the address you are looking at is written upright. The constellations and stars that you will find in the sky in front of you are all those whose names are legible without tilting your head too much. The position of the planets visible to the naked eye is indicated for the 15th day of the month. Our map drawn for a latitude of 47° north shows the sky visible in metropolitan France, and more widely in Europe and the world, within a band that extends from 40° to 54° north latitude. If you are north of the 47th parallel, the North Star will be higher in your sky and lower elsewhere.

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