Orange opens its first store in… the metaverse of Meta

news hardware Orange opens its first store in… the metaverse of Meta

Despite the few active users, a multitude of projects founded in the metaverse continue to emerge. Orange, a famous French operator, has already established itself with a first dematerialized store within the metaverse of the giant Meta.

Orange Spain, a subsidiary of the operator Orange, has recently announced its arrival in the digital world, better known as the metaverse. With this initiative, the operator wants to be a pioneer offering a new commercial experience to its customers.

“With the opening of our store in the metaverse, we have become a pioneer company in this sector”, explains Diego Martínez, head of the Orange Residential Business Unit before adding “It improves the experience of customers who have another point of contact with the company.

The project in the experimental phase takes the form of stands where various Orange collaborating brands can present their product. Among them we find:

  • Samsung
  • xiaomi
  • oppo
  • huawei
  • Google
  • But also Oculus
Orange opens its first store in… the metaverse of Meta

The famous brand of virtual reality glasses is not there by chance… In fact, this strategic operation of Orange is an ideal opportunity for the brand to announce the integration of the Meta Quest 2 VR glasses in its catalog after a signed agreement with the giant Meta. So, not surprisingly, this digital initiative is accessible in the metaverse of META: Horizon World.

The 3D virtual world makes it possible to rethink digital interactions between companies from various sectors and their customers. Through this innovation, many brands have already started experimenting with immersive virtual experiences in the metaverse.

Through these different stands, Orange has created a true digital store identical to that of the physical world. In this sense, customers have access to a 3D view of the products, which allows them to analyze the objects from all angles.

To reinforce immersion, Orange has moved some of its employees into the metaverse… In fact, customers can be informed and helped by an avatar piloted by a real Orange sales representative. In addition, the store also provides access to demos, games, and promotions directly from the metaverse store.

In the telephony sector, we can see a similar initiative by Samsung. The South Korean giant was one of the first to offer an online store located in the Metaverse. For the occasion, Samsung had reproduced the store in the Meatpacking District of New York, in an identical way, in the Decentraland metaverse. The Korean company notably sold Samsung 837X NFTs and Samsung-branded avatar clothing for the Decentraland metaverse.

Samsung decentralization

With this new project, Orange comes to bring its prayer to the building in the virtual world of tomorrow, taking up the codes of the physical world. Whether the project will succeed remains to be seen, as the metaverse struggles to convince potential users, who generally believe the digital world deserves a graphical upgrade.

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