Patrick Fiori candidate absent from La Voz Kids battles, his coach reacts

This Saturday, September 24, TF1 offers the second battles of children’s voices. Unfortunately, one candidate was unable to take the stage.

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Second and last night of battles of children’s voices this Saturday September 24 on TF1. Julien Doré, Louane, Patrick Fiori and Kendji Girac complete their teams. At the end of this second phase, the trainers will have 8 talents in their team. This Saturday there are eight novelties battles three that viewers will discover. All but one. In fact, like last week, a candidate could not participate in the recording of this step.

Oriane, talent of Patrick Fiori, deprived of battles!

last week is Zinebwhat did you have surprised the coaches during the blind auditions taking a tube from Adèle, who had had to stop pursuing musical adventure. In fact, during the filming of battles, the borders of Morocco, where he lives, were closed. It is for the same reason thatOrianawho had also turned the four wagons around, could not continue the competition. The talented candidate had joined Patrick Fiori’s team. The latter also returns to his unfortunate absence, in the edition of this Saturday, September 24.

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The beautiful words of Patrick Fiori

it’s a very big voicebegins the coach, who has formed a amazing team. It was the balance between the three. It’s unfortunate… I hope Oriane gets a chance to treat us again.” Therefore, two of the singer’s talents had to perform without her on the tube of Amel Bent and Imen Es, Until the end. See you at 21:05 to discover this high-flying duo.

We know the date of the end of children’s voices !

On October 8, the eight finalist talents will compete for the last time on the stage of children’s voices. And live! They will all sing solo for the first time. After this passage, the public will choose four talents (one per coach) for the “super final” telehook. The chosen children will perform for the last time in a duet with their coach. And obviously it is the public who will crown the great winner of The Voice Children 2022.

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