Patrick Sébastien teaches Kelly Vedovelli a lesson in debauchery in TPMP

Patrick Sébastien is back with a bang with a new book, baptized live and be reborn Every day. In this book, the presenter opens up with total transparency about his very intimate life. He is revealed to be fond of debauchery that he has practiced for a long time. Guest on Monday, September 26, 2022 on the set of don’t touch my postthe presenter of The biggest french cabaret he was asked about this all-consuming passion. Cyril Hanouna thus launches the theme by reading an excerpt from the book: “I have always done what I wanted with my sex and my loneliness. I love both the romantic lovers and the transvestites in the Bois d Boulogne.”

An observation confirmed by Patrick Sébastien who wants to defend this way of imagining freedom : “I am not perverse, my sexual life stops with the consent of the other (…) I am a lover of freedom. And in the environment of freedom, it’s not just c*l. It’s a way to be. There is no rich, nor poor, nor ugly, there is only respect”, confess before intriguing the host of TPMP who wants to know how you meet other people who are followers of debauchery. “The first thing I asked them was, ‘Who was the last presenter to come see you?'” Quite an amazing way to live your life, especially since Patrick Sébastien has been married for a long time. : “Did he know your wife?”then Cyril Hanouna asks him.

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