Pierce Brosnan calmly shoots the last Daniel Craig

dying can wait : Pierce Brosnan he breaks his silence and gives his verdict on the film!

Almost a year after its release, the last work of the license james link dated, the movement dying can wait continues to divide despite generally positive critical reviews. The feature film that definitively closes the era Daniel Craig It surprises both for its ending and for certain formal biases, while it disappoints at times by using the bad practices inherent in the series on the rope.

Emblem of the rebirth of the franchise, Daniel Craig succeeded the unloved Pierce Brosnan on the occasion of Royal Casino , mustering all the votes for him, before Quantum of Solace casts doubt and Skyfall sweeps him away again. Thus, the work of Martin Campbell and then of Sam Mendes will have greatly contributed to consolidating both the legend of the British spy and that of his charismatic interpreter. The void that the actor now leaves will be difficult to fill.

Dying Can Wait: Photo, Daniel CraigDaniel Craig wins the duel of the interpreters of 007…

During an interview for the magazine QGthe one who preceded him in the role of the British secret agent, namely Pierce Brosnan finally spoke about dying can waitthe last installment of the saga. A late reaction, full of innuendo and, it must be said, very mixed:

“I saw the last one and I saw Skyfall. I love Skyfall. But I’m not sure I can say the same for the last one. Daniel always gives all his guts. He is very strong, very brave. But… “

A sentence in suspense, the phlegmatic Bronsnan does not take long to suggest that this final chapter of Craiguien did not live up to his expectations, despite the investment of his interpreter. A very lukewarm return, therefore, in front of dying can wait. Pierce Brosnan thus joins fans disappointed by the conclusion of Fukunaga’s feature film, although the actor is full of praise for Craig. An honorable attitude, from one of the 007 artists who never let ego get in the way of his comments on his predecessors, his successor or the franchise in general.

Die Another Day Pierce Brosnan Photo…against Pierce Brosnan!

Never mind this advice from Pierce Brosnan for Daniel Craig though. The episodes in which he participated are much more appreciated than those of his counterpart, perhaps even the most beloved since those embodied by the late Sean Connery. A legacy that will be heavy to maintain for the future 007 therefore.

In addition, the production is looking for a replacement at the height of Daniel Craig. Even if the franchise is doing well financially, it’s at great risk if it doesn’t find a worthy successor to the hero of fallen from heaven. As for Pierce Brosnan, we can find him on the big screen, in the role of Doctor Fate, in the movie black adam next October 19.

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