playing agility with SCPI actions

Accelerating in 2022, rock-paper enables diversification into professional real estate. A good compromise between risk and return.

To find an investment more profitable than the, why not resort to the? Civil investment companies capture the savings of investors to acquire and then manage real estate assets intended for rental. The stone paper remuneration, which is most often paid quarterly, shows an attractive return, 4.3% on average in 2021 and 2.6% in the first half of 2022, according to the French Association of Real Estate Investment Companies and the Institute of Real Estate and Land Savings. But how do you choose your SCPI shares?

Is it still a good idea to bet on those who invest in offices when teleworking has changed the needs of companies? Yes, if we believe Jean-Christophe Antoine, president of Atland Voisin: “Office owners have always known how to adapt to changes at work and are familiar with economic or structural crises.” So offices, yes, but looking at the evolution of their occupation and their rents: “Values ​​have fallen in La Défense, but they have increased in the business district of central Paris”, illustrates Jonathan Dhiver, founder of MeilleurSCPI.

resilient businesses

The same happens with retail ISPCs, given the boom in online purchases: after suffering confinement, they have resisted and should register an evolution of around 4.6% in 2022. “We have no problem buying, renting or returning to rent stores, and the rental collection rates are excellent”, confirms Jean-Marie Souclier, Managing Director of Sogenial Immobilier. For investors looking for more profitability, “logistics, health or commercial premises allow it, but not risk-free”, analyzes Paul Bourdois, co-founder of France SCPI.

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