Premier League: ‘He can’t get away with this’, mother of boy whose phone Ronaldo smashed wants him to be punished

“Hopefully he will be punished as he should be. He still can’t get away with it. His behavior is unacceptable. “Sarah Kelly is very angry with Cristiano Ronaldo. In April, The Manchester United star threw the cell phone on the ground of his 14-year-old son, Jacob, who was returning to the dressing room after a defeat (1-0) against the other Liverpool team.

And if the autistic teenager’s mother spoke again on Sunday at the daily mirror, it is because it requires a royal sanction against the Portuguese. Liverpool Region Police, who had opened an “assault” investigation, were content in mid-August to send a simple call to order to the player. But on Friday, the English federation explained in a statement that the five-time Ballon d’Or winner was formally charged with “violent or inappropriate” conduct, exposing him to one or more match suspensions.

“People have harassed me saying I’m going to go after him again, but I didn’t know anything about it,” says Sarah Kelly, who says CR7 fans have been chasing her family for six months. This should have been resolved six months ago. My son talks to me every day about what happened to him. »

“How can you sleep at night?” »

The Red Devils player had apologized that same afternoon on his Instagram account. “It is never easy to control your emotions in times as difficult as the ones we live in,” he wrote. However, it is always necessary to be respectful, patient and set a good example for the youngest lovers of this sport. I want to apologize for my outburst and if possible I would like to invite this fan to a match at Old Trafford as a show of fair play and sporting friendship. »

“He can attack a child and continue with his life normally, he is indignant, while his son’s phone is still in the hands of the police. How can he sleep at night knowing the anguish he caused a young fan? She (…) She offered to see him and that she was sorry, but she said that he had done nothing wrong. They are not excuses, they are insults. »

Manchester United, for its part, “took note” of the English Federation’s decision. “We will support our player in his response to this accusation,” explained the club that the player wanted to leave this summer. Ronaldo currently plays for the Portugal national team, with which he dominated (4-0) over the Czech Republic on Saturday, a match in which found his face bloodied after a clash with the opposing goalkeeper. The Lusitanians then face Spain on Tuesday in the Nations League.

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