PS5 and PC Gamer: the king of Samsung’s SSDs, the 980 Pro 2 TB is in very strong promotion thanks to the French Days

news good plan PS5 and PC Gamer: the king of Samsung’s SSDs, the 980 Pro 2 TB is in very strong promotion thanks to the French Days

With the advent of flash memory and SSDs, the performance of our storage systems has skyrocketed. Access is getting faster and faster now, and at the rate things are going, load times may just be a distant memory. But this performance comes at a price, and to avoid selling a fortune on their products, manufacturers tend to be a bit stingy with storage capacity. Fortunately, thanks to the French Days, it will be possible to find SSDs without sacrificing their PEL.

French Days: the Samsung 980 Pro 2TB SSD with heatsink sees its price drop in Darty

As we told you earlier, prices for high-performance SSDs are particularly steep, especially when it comes to large capacities. With its PCIe 4.0 connectors, insane speeds and heat sink, this Samsung 980 Pro SSD was initially shown at €379 when it launched.

Since then, the prices have dropped slightly, as can be seen on the Darty page where the price observed in the last 30 days is €344. However, it is still a sum. Fortunately, thanks to the French Days 2022, the total amounts to €299, a fairly affordable price of 15 cents per gigabyte, especially if we remember that this is the best in terms of storage performance.

In short, being able to download many games on your PS5, or being able to host your entire Steam library on your PC, this is one of the most interesting options in view of the price-performance ratio.

Buy the 980 Pro 2TB for €299 at Darty

French Days 2022: perfect for PS5 and PC, the SSD 980 Pro with heatsink drops in price

Whether you have a PC (a tower) or a PS5, the Samsung 980 Pro SSD with heatsink should satisfy all your needs, especially if you are a demanding gamer. With incredible performance, this SSD model exceeds Sony’s requirements and offers maximum performance. The figures are eloquent: 7000 MB/s in reading and 5100 MB/s in writing, enough to lower the loading times of the most demanding games to a few seconds.

With such performance, this SSD can consume up to 7.2 Watts, which is ridiculously low compared to the consumption of a computer, but an SSD starts to cost. To ensure that NAND memory chips stay at their optimum temperature and always deliver peak performance, Samsung has gone to great lengths.

PS5 and PC Gamer: the king of Samsung's SSDs, the 980 Pro 2 TB is in very strong promotion thanks to the French Days

First of all, the SSD is covered with a nickel surface, to which we have added a finned heat sink. Finally, an internal software (called Dynamic Thermal Guard) will be activated on the power supply to minimize performance fluctuations. It is clear that you will be able to subject this SSD to very sustained use, without tiring it out, unless it is in the heat of a heat wave.

Buy the 980 Pro 2TB for €299 at Darty

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