PSG: After the sensational departure of Mbappé, Pierre Ménès gives a rant

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Ménès’ diatribe after Mbappé’s sensational departure

Posted on September 26, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. by The Editorial Office

While training with the Blues, Kylian Mbappé was talked about again last week. PSG’s star striker has shed light on the freedom he had in Didier Deschamps’ team, while he occupies a totally different role at the club. Although this press release did not fail to react, Kylian Mbappé can still count on the support of Pierre Ménès.

As usual, Kylian Mbappé never misses an opportunity to speak to the media. This time, it is about his passage through the mixed zone after the victory againstAustria that speaks His way out in his use in psg created a controversy, but the journalist Peter Menes prefer to defend it.

“It’s once again a storm for nothing”

Asked about the press release of Kylian Mbappe by one of his netizens during his show In front of Pierrot sure Youtube, Peter Menes took a stand. ” How do I interpret Kylian Mbappé’s entry into PSG about his freedom in the France team? Who was directly attacked in my opinion? Sorry to disappoint you, no one. Obviously, the press that transmitted this information – as always with Mbappé – did not pass his entire statement. He says that he likes to play with a fixed point, but he adds that he is also happy at PSG, and I have not seen him anywhere. It is once again a storm for nothing. But with Mbappé, it’s every day. You deserve to put up with that. he snapped.

“In Paris it is different there is not that”

Kylian Mbappe He reaped the storm of the media after his forceful intervention. “ I play a different game, here people ask me other things than at the club. I have much more freedom here. The coach knows that there is a 9 like Oliv’ (Giroud) who occupies the defenses. I can walk, go to space, order the balloons. In Paris it is different there is not that, they ask me to do the pivot, it is different he had declared.

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